गुरुवार, 31 दिसंबर 2009


paibast hain dil mein yaadien teri,karta hun jinse main baatein teri,

ab to ehsaas tera hawaon mein hai,door hai tu phir bhi nigahon mein hai.

meri rago mein tera pyaar behta hai,dharkano ko tera intezaar rehta hai,

hai tera chehra dil ki har diwaar pe,aur baithe hain khwaab tere mann ke har ek taar pe

chaand ko bhi raar hai mere yaar se,fiza milne ko bekraar hai mere yaar se,

shaguftagi,latafat ki bharmaar ho tum,khuda khair kare gamakta laalazaar ho tum.

मंगलवार, 22 दिसंबर 2009

Disorder of heart's Geometry!

It is emotion
which makes us humane
stays somewhere
in our heart's domain

sometimes we  forget it,
sometimes we aviod,
but it is such a trait of which
no human is devoid!

its like maths
its like poetry
its like science
and somewhat trignometry

Sin is love
Cos is hatred
Tan is care
& face its potrait.

you can hide it
you can hold
but after one point
you can't control

it will flow out
after a limited mark
it will glow
and shine with a spark!

either its love
or its anger
if  it doesn't flow
life is in danger!

there was flood 
in my heart's land
all emotions drowned
& i can't stand!

once you are drowned
in ocean of emotion
its hard to stand
take my notion!

so, in life
if you want to excel
make some friends
and let your heart's boat sail.

बुधवार, 2 दिसंबर 2009

Nicely explained the term "Sympathy"

If you cant then walk away!

Whenever you see a poor don't say bechara ,
just make him rich or give them your hands...
show d path, If you cant then walk away!

When you see some wounded, then don't say I feel sorry for you...
Heal it , If you cant then walk away!

When you see someone needy, then don't say If I could help you if...
Help them , If you cant then walk away!

मंगलवार, 1 दिसंबर 2009

एक सफर....

जाके कहाँ रुकेगा अनजाना-सा सफर ये।
मंजिल को ढूंढती है मुसाफिर की नज़र ये।

लगता कभी पास मंजिल , कभी दूर खड़ी है।
बुझते हैं अरमानों के दिये ये मुश्किल बड़ी है।
जाने कब होंगे पूरे ख्वाब इस राही के,
यही पूछे उसकी रूह अब हर घड़ी है।
खुदा की कठपुतली धरती का बशर ये।
मंजिल को ढूंढती है मुसाफिर की नज़र ये।

हमसफ़र मिलते हैं राहों में न जाने कितने।
बनते बिगड़ते रहते हैं अफ़साने न जाने कितने।
बरसों से लिख रहा है इक अफसाना ये दीवाना,
वैसे तो होंगे जहाँ में दीवाने न जाने कितने।
पांव ज़ख़्मी हैं फिर भी चलूँ है कैसा असर ये।
मंजिल को ढूंढती है मुसाफिर की नज़र ये।

हजार ख़्वाबों को इस राह पर सजाता रहा हूँ मैं,
यकीं के साथ हर कदम को बढ़ाता रहा हूँ मैं।
बुझते रहें हैं राह में अरमानों के दिये,
अक्सर इस उम्मीद में उन्हें जलाता रहा हूँ मैं।
कभी तो ख़त्म होगा अनजाना-सा सफर ये।
मंजिल को ढूंढ ही लेगी मेरी नज़र ये।

सोमवार, 30 नवंबर 2009


Its high time
that i tell thee
My feelings and emotions
and make mind free!
I waited long
for you to come
and listen to my words
not all but some!
It was late that evening
when you held my hand
We were sitting
together on sand!
you kissed my hand
and looked at me,
It felt i was drowning
in your eye's deep sea!
Oh! that first kiss
and one tight hug
was out of the world
and my heart was dug!
you whispered slowly
into my ears
my heart was heavy
and eyes filled with tears!
The much awaited moment
was now here
the clouds fell apart
and the sky was clear!
it was a moment
for then and forever
and the three magical words
which i'll forget never!!

Characters- Sensational Svelte

Another special day and another special character!
Shakespeare once said beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Well, sorry the great man but having seen this sensationally eye-catching girl one can’t but differ. Beauty may lie in the eyes of beholder but in this specific case it simply lies in the object beheld.
She is slim in a graceful way. With her doll-like appearance, she appears tailor made for being a perfect cover picture for those vintage romantic novels from the golden Victorian age. Sleeping is her favourite pastime. And one more thing she possesses one of the most gracefully artificial smiles ever known in the human civilization.
Presenting before you the ever-expressive (artificial though-joking) and ever-smiling girl – Ms Shrabani Mukherjee –the action packed doll (as Payel once described her during the first semester c-104 practical exam- remember the session where we were divided in a pair of 2 n asked to introduce each other alternatively).
Shrabani(literally meaning someone who is born during the pious month of Shravana- a month especially popular among Hindus for its association with lord Shiva) aka Guddu (literally meaning doll) initially came to me as someone very reserved and with a tinge of conceit. But soon I realized her gregariousness and acceptance for others as well.
Working with her during the on-line journalism workshop was a real fun and learn (one of the best groups I ever was the part of). Such was the comfort level among three of us (with the evergreen Raghu being the third member of the group) that even when we were burdened with an oodles of work (comparatively studying 6 different websites, conceptualizing an e-zine , perusing reports on tsunami and that too within a short span of 5 to 6 hours) we hardly panicked and eased our way through the presentation which was a smashing hit.
A hard-core bibliophile, Shrabani can never be seen without books. Any fine day you ask her what she has been up to? - The answer will always be the same- engrossed with a novel. Her grip on English literature and supple understanding of human relations make her a much-wanna-be-talked person.
Her takes on women-centric issues are bold and outright. She, for sure, doesn’t appear one of those girls who can be easily swayed to accept the patriarchal set norms of society.
On a lighter note, Shrabani is all celebration and sport. She is always geared up for party and sight-seeing. Though at times she does appear dismal (can’t figure out why but she constantly goes through such animation-less period once in a while), most of the time she is always in the best of her celebratory mood.
She is a bit of prankster too (once she nearly coaxed me into believing that she had once tested octopus-meat. Such was the vivid and apt descriptions that for a second I was in complete awe of her). Now coming back to her smiles (my favourite) and expressions, there is a bit of uniqueness attached to them. Every sentence that she utters brings with it a touch of expression (like if u ask her did u eat mutton yesterday? Her answer can never be a simple yes or no. it will always be delivered with dawdle or a certain movement of neck and of course a big griiiiiiiiiiiin).
Keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May the world bask in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

रविवार, 29 नवंबर 2009


hey some of u mst b knowing dat my rsch topic 4 SB's papr is-REPRESENTATION OF DISABILITY IN HINDI FILMS IN THE LAST FIFTY YRS.i ws jst surfing d net to collect sm material for it....i came upon dis splendid story...i thot i mst share it wid all of u..it is rather longish...but plz go ahead n read it....plz...i assure u its worth d effort..really :)


On a train to Xi'an, a pretty attendant glared at middle-aged man who looked like a migrant worker and said loudly, "Ticket check."

The middle-aged man searched all over, and finally found it, but he held in his hand. The attendant looked at him queerly, and laughed. "This is a children's ticket."

The middle-aged man flushed, and stuttered out, "Isn't a children's ticket the same price as a disabled ticket?"

The attendant eyed the middle-aged man once over, and asked, "Are you a disabled person?"

"I am a disabled person!" "Then let me have a look at your disability certificate."
The middle-aged man tensed up. He said, "I don't have a disability certificate. When I bought the ticket, the ticket-seller asked me for my disability certificate, and I had no choice but to buy a children's ticket."

The attendant forced a smile: "Without a disability certificate, how can you prove that you are disabled?"

Without saying a word, the middle-aged man gently took off his shoe and pulled up his pants leg - he only had half a foot.

The attendant gave it a glance, and said, "I need to see documentation! The printed seal of the Disabled Person's Federation."

His face bitter, the middle-aged man explained, "I'm not a resident here, so they wouldn't give me a disability certificate. And I was working at a private construction site. When it happened, the boss disappeared, and I had no money to go to a hospital for an evaluation...."

The conductor, who had been notified, arrived to inquire about the situation.
The middle-aged man explained once more to the conductor that he was a disabled person, and he had bought a ticket whose price was the same as a disabled person's ticket....

The conductor asked, "Your disability certificate?"

The middle-aged man said that he had no disability certificate, and then showed the conductor his half-foot.

Without even looking it over, the conductor said impatiently, "We only acknowledge documentation, not people! People with disability certificates are disabled people, and only those with disability certificates can enjoy disabled persons' tickets. Hurry and buy a supplemental ticket!"

The middle-aged man was crushed.

He searched through all his pockets and luggage, but only came up with a few yuan, not enough to make up the ticket price. With a tearful face he said to the conductor, "After half my foot was crushed off in the machine, I couldn't work anymore. With no money, I couldn't even go home. This half-price ticket I bought with money collected by people from my hometown. I beg you to have compassion and spare me!"

The conductor said resolutely, "That's not possible."

The attendant took this opportunity to say to the conductor, "Let him shovel coal at the front of the train - let him do some volunteer work."

The conductor thought it over, and said, "Good!"

An older comrade sitting opposite the middle-aged man couldn't stand it, so he stood up, looked the conductor straight in the eyes, and said, "Are you or aren't you a man?"

The conductor didn't give an answer: "What does this have to do with whether I'm a man?"

"Just tell me, are you a man?"

"Of course I'm a man." "What proof do you have that you are a man? Give me a look at your Male Certificate!"

The people around them started laughing.

The conductor was taken aback. He said, "I'm a full-blooded male standing right here, you think this is a fake?"

The old comrade shook his head: "I'm like you. I acknowledge documentation, not people. People with Male Certificates are men. No Male Certificate, not a man."

The conductor was stuck. For a moment he didn't know how to respond.

The attendant stood up to help the conductor out of his predicament. She said to the old comrade, "I'm not a man. If you have anything to say, say it to me."

The old comrade pointed at her nose, and said, "You're not even a human!"

The attendant shook with fury, and screamed, "Wash your mouth out! Tell me, if I'm not human, then what am I?!"

The old comrade remained calm, but he smiled slyly as he said, "You're human? OK, then let me have a look at your Human Certificate....."

Once again, everyone around them burst into laughter.

Only one person didn't laugh - the middle-aged man with half a foot. He quietly watched all that went on, and at some point, his eyes started to well with tears, not knowing if this was shame, or appreciation, or hate.

In The Name of POLOTICS


“I had fond associations with this place and I always wanted to be here until recently, a week ago, when I was openly threatened by some Marathi Manoos, I realized that it’s not mine, not any more since I wasn’t born here and I don’t speak Marathi. I belong to another part of the nation that apparently lives on Mumbai, in Mumbai and in the future, for Mumbai.
It hardly matters that after spending about five years in this city, should I choose to stay here longer or should pack my bags and go back to the part of the nation that is meant for North Indians without any Marathi infiltration.. The mere thought of going for a leisurely walk strangulates me.
The name theory makes me more cautious every time I would ask for a railway ticket over the ticket counter. You never know, the moment I ask, “Bhaiya, ek VT (instead of CST) return dena” and the guy from behind the counter would jump out of the window to beat the black and blue out of me. I don’t know if it might actually happen but Mr. Thackrey made me believe, in all possibility, it just could.”

You must be thinking that these words may come only from that chap’s mouth who is not Marathi Manoos and residing in Mumbai not BOMBAY, ooopppss! Yes, you are absolutely right…Last night, this guy, basically from Lucknow, called me up and shared this incident with me which compelled me to raise this issue through this blog and to make it as my first post..
It’s not only XXX (name will not be disclosed) who got his illusion shattered. There are many others strangled in the city that once used to be the city of dreams and now is the city of dreaded nightmares for someone who doesn’t belong there. And, these nightmares will haunt them, everytime they go for grocery shopping, pay the technically correct fare to rickshaw wallah, come late to their flat(homes never exist there), ask for tickets, get in a bus and so on and so forth. There is always a threat swirling around their mind.
Each citizen has a constitutional right to settle and travel anywhere in the country (except some sensitive areas). But that regionalism has been growing is not a fact that can be ignored either. There is a disconnect somewhere in the fabric of the nation that the politicians have not only failed to address, but have now perhaps started to exploit for their selfish gains. But despite these arguments, is Thackeray right in what he is propagating?

On November 26, 2008, when his (Raj Thackeray) Maharashtra had been attacked, where were he and his mumbaikar gundaas? He should have stepped in himself to save the city that he claims to be that of only TRUE MUMBAIKARS and he was quiet, just because the people were foreign nationals or because he can fight only with innocent people not with the terrorists? He opens his mouth when he wants to play GANDI RAJNEETI and run to make a political issue out of that..Abusing and Threatening is not politics..In many other speeches he has abused, threatened north Indians and Biharis but Mumbai police did not take any concrete steps towards him. But if someone is writing against him Mumbai police is immediately taking action.

I don't agree if someone says Raj Thackeray should be killed...no we don't have the authority or right to say this...by "we" I mean all Indians...and nor does we have any right to say that we will attack someone...that we will beat Biharis on breakfast, lunch and dinner...whether it is President of India or whether it is a common man residing in anywhere in India, no body has the right to say things like this as per the constitution I know...but here we have Mr. Raj Thackeray who has been saying things like this and not just him, there are many MNS supporters are spewing venom against Non Marathi People, there are many who have abused Lalu and other north Indian leaders but the same police is not taking any action, at least I have not read any news regarding this. Why? So I fail to understand why no action is taken against them. Isn't this going to create doubts in mind that government and police are with Raj Thackeray?
I believe in the years to come, we will experience a civil war, or even worse we might even need Tourist Visas or Work Permit to step into Maharashtra.
Why all this happening, in the name of Language, State or POLITICS?

Is your next- to- door neighbour an Alien?

Recently, scientists from Bulgaria proposed a hypothesis saying aliens had been living with us-the earthly denizens- since time immemorial and even today they had their presence in our world. Published in the in-house journal of Bulgarian Science Academy, the report went on to claim that the extraterrestrial beings are ubiquitous here on the earth and one needs only an ever-alert set of eyes and ‘that extra sense and urge’ to be able to ‘decipher’ them and kick off the interaction.
Well, far-fetched as it may sound, the theory can not be outrightly belied. Scientists for long have been vouching for the acceptance of aliens’ presence on earth in primitive and during the early developmental phase of civilizations across the globe. Erich Von Danikin, the controversial Swiss author who boasts of penning some of the most popular books of this genre like The Chariots of the Gods (1968), The Return of the Gods (1997), The Arrival of the Gods (1998) and History is Wrong (2009) firmly believes that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and has entered the cosmic dimension of solar system in past. To substantiate his hypothesis, he refers to the evidence of gigantic monuments built across the world at a time when technological skill of human race was almost zero. Erich says the creation of tall structures like the pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge and statues of Easter Island was effected either by visiting aliens or by the human beings having learned the required technological skill from their intellectually superior guests.
Erich is not alone. There are several others who propose similar arguments. Take this for instance- a close examination of customs and religious texts of various civilizations-extinct or still existing- have the reference of some kinds of air and space vehicles (the Hindu scriptures are full of such descriptions like Pushpak Viman) and strange looking creatures appearing out of the blue and being accepted as gods for their inhuman abilities and intellectual superiority. Sumerian texts describe one of their gods as an eagle-faced god whose abode is said to have been among stars. Similarly we have in Hindu mythologies an avalanche of gods whose place of residence is thought to be somewhere in aakash(sky) or antariksha(space) – a clear indication of them having some extraterrestrial connections.
Another argument that can be put forward to back up the existence of aliens is concerned with the theory of evolution. No matter, what proofs Charles Darwin has of vindicating the slow gradual descent of life from non-life and from animal to man, the theory is somewhat flawed as it fails to explain the development of human mind. Among all forms of life, small and huge, developed and their much-developed version (such as; small fish and their micro version the blue whale), only human beings are endowed with the cerebral intelligence. Why not others?
A Darwin will immediately refers to the gradual development of a group of forest-living monkeys into full-fledged men whose anatomy is still somewhat similar to that of guerillas and chimpanzees- two of the refined versions of monkeys. The question that remains unanswered is why only a specific segment of monkeys and why not others?
The scientific experiments have proved that even the best of the conditions and environment can not help a guerilla or a chimpanzee transform itself into a complete human.
So, what do all these point to?
Who were the ultimate creators of human race? Maybe aliens- a bunch of extraterrestrial species whose advancement of science must have been well hundred years ahead of present day humans? Well, this can be a proposition – the scientifically-equipped aliens landed on the earth and by means of genetical engineering manipulated genes of a specific group of monkeys whom they found intellectually superior of other life forms(on earth ) and very close to them in appearance. The ever-developing human race may be the result of this ‘manipulation.’
Hard to believe? Tough to accept?
Well, nothing to lose sleep over. It’s just one of the hypothesis like many others we have regarding the evolution of life on earth and the evolution of galaxy itself and of course the existence of god and of ghosts.
Let’s wait for the moment when this tied thread of mystery is unspooled. Till then, continue your quest to discover aliens. Who knows when and where you happen to bump into one. As the Bulgarian scientists vouch for their presence on earth, what about your next-to-door neighbor turning out to be an extraterrestrial being? Rush before he or she disappears………………………………………………………
Best wishes!

n.b.- the views expressed here are personal opinions of authors and one needs not to take any kind of offence. The author can be contacted on iconoclast.oz@gmail.com – in case of any query or suggestion.

शनिवार, 28 नवंबर 2009

dignity n satisfaction (read deegneeti n satisfacson..:P)

majority ppl pronounce it ths way na..haha..

d views expressed here are bloggers n d blogger dsnt intnd to hurt ne1s feelings or luk dwn upon ne1s views..d blogger believes TO EACH HIS OWN..

nw y im gona write on these 2 wrds..cz fr d last few days im nly hearng these two wrds frm ppl arnd me..n im nly seeng these 2 wrds in evrybody's profiles..
sm ppl say tht its a universal truth tht ppl cnt b satisfied..f9 i agree..bt thn ppl dnt ve much option thn to b satsfied smtyms or else one is nvr gng to b hppy..mahatma gandhi once said tht if u feel u r 2 rich jst luk at ppl above u n if u fel tht ur too poor n miserabl thn luk at ppl below u..so ws he a fool 2 ve said sch a thng..?mny ppl mi8 thnk so..bt i dnt..its gud nt to be satisfied..bt its bad to alwes be dissatisfied..ppl who r alwes dissatisfied wl succeed alwes is nt sure..bt atlst shw sm gratitude to god if 1 blvs in Him fr wtevr he hs gvn ..cz thr r milions of ppl who r in conditions worse dn we r in..ds is my blf n i dnt wnt othrs 2 subscribe to it..smtyms v ve to b satisfied wd wt v ve..bt bng satisfied dsnt mean we sdnt strive to be b8r..if nthng ele evry1 cn strive to b b8r human bngs atlst..wtsay..??
n thn thr r sm ppl who say dt ppl who say thy r satisfied r dhongi..im usng ths wrd cz im nt able to fnd a suitable englsh wrd fr it..:P..wt a judgemental statement nahi..??im nt sayng im nt judgemntal bt to mk sch an awful remark abt ppl is surely hiting below d belt..newys..y wd bill gates gv millions in charity if he wsnt satisfied wd d dollars he hs..?if he wsnt satisfied wd hw mch he hd..instead of donating he wd keep it al loked up in hs loker..watsay..???
now let me come to d wrd dignity..baapre sch a heavy wrd n ppl use it here n thn..as if it means burgers ..newys wt is dignity..jst writing abt it..i fnd slf respect a b8r trm dn dignity..as lng as i knw im true wt wrld says abt me is crap fr me..bt the day i stop bng true to myslf ..dt wl b d day i ve to sit up n strt tkng notice of whr im heading..bng true to evrybd is f9 bt bng true 2 self is better..isnt it..??im nt gonna write ne mr on ds wrd..cz nt mny ppl r fit to cumnt on wrds lyk dignity..d day i feel i cn write more n do justice to ds wrd..i wl..
its out of place bt i ve writn it cz i like it..
c ya..

शुक्रवार, 27 नवंबर 2009

सोमवार, 23 नवंबर 2009


ये झिलमिल सितारे और सुनसान ये रातें।

न जाने हैं किस पर हैं मेहरबान ये रातें।

कोई है सोया और खोया सपनों में,

कोई है ढूंढता अपनों को अपनों में,

किसी की आंखों में नींद नहीं है,

कोई लम्बी नींद ले रहा कफनों में।

हर सुख-दुःख से हैं अनजान ये रातें।

न जाने किस पर हैं मेहरबान ये रातें।

किसी को किसी की याद आ रही है,

एक-एक लम्हे के बाद आ रही है,

कोई तो हो जो सुने इनकी भी,

दिल के कोने से फ़रियाद आ रही है।

कितनों के दिल की हैं अरमान ये रातें। न जाने...

कोई किसी के ग़म में जी रहा है,

चुपके से आंखों के आँसू पी रहा है,

किसी की बेरूखी से दिल के टुकड़े हुए,

उन्ही टुकड़ों को कोई सी रहा है।

बहुतों को लगती हैं बेईमान ये रातें। न जाने...

एक मैं हूँ जो आधी नींद में हूँ,

दुनिया को जीत लूँगा इसी जिद में हूँ,

मुझको है अपनी कामयाबियों का इंतज़ार,

बस उन्हीं, हाँ उन्हीं की उम्मीद में हूँ।

काश! हो जाएँ मेरी निगेहबान ये रातें।

हो जाएँ मुझ पर मेहरबान ये रातें।

शुक्रवार, 20 नवंबर 2009

characters- languid geniuos

For last couple of days I have been extremely busy attending marriage ceremonies. The visit to Azamgadh( as a crew member of 'baarati') was awesome and so was the feast at diamond hotel. Moving ahead with the 'characters', today i have brought for you another very special person.
In cricket, we have always had two distinct clans of great batsmen.
There are ones who are master at picking the length of the ball well before it is delivered. Eagle-eyed, willow-wielders of this type get onto the position as the bowler closes in to thunder the red cherry(it can be white as well and orange too, if recent news is to be believed) and dispatch it into the stands. Players like the great Don Bradman, maverick Vivian Richards and our own duo of little masters Sunny Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar - all of them can be dubbed as the exponents of this aforementioned category.
But greatness of batting is not confined to only this amazingly rich 'pro-active class.'
There has always been another clan of great cricketers whose technique is not so much of pro-active but of languid in nature. Willow-weilders of this slightly late-reactors group appear to have all the time in the world as they gear up to face the red cherry. They allow the ball to come as close to them as it can be and just as it seems to going past them, you hear the delicate sound of willow kissing the leather and the ball disappearing into crowd. Len Hutton, Brian Lara and Inzamam-Ul-Haq- all of these all-time greats have their technique built around this purely aesthetic style of lazy elegance.
Azam Khan, the stylish banarasi lad from our batch is like the aforementioned latter group of great batsmen. Never pro-active but always assured of himself and his conducts, he has his unique ways and methods to deal with a situation, howsoever challenging it may be.
The best part of his personality is his ultra-cool approach to a problem. Nothing can really get him into a tizzy. Like a general assured of victory, he will take his time, will not panic and devise his own time-tested methods to unspool the thread of the concerned problem.
Azam is one of the very few guys whom I would interact in my early days of 1st semester. As luck would have it, we were paired for presentations of both c-101 and c-105 courses. Working with him was a real fun (I must say one of the best group I ever worked). His nonchalance was a perfect foil to my impatience and rashness resulting in a satisfactory streak of presentations.
Now before you take him for a serious and unanimated guy, let me tell you he is lively too. His off-the-cuff (unique too) humors are well-cherished among us. On and off, whenever his mood permits, he produces real pranks (recently he, in his inimitable style conned us into believing that he would be soon married. It was only a couple of weeks after that the 'hoax' was finally dispelled with the truth of him projecting his brother's marriage as his came to the fore).
And one more thing- azam’s description can never be complete without the reference to his tryst with mobile phones and the world of business. Beside studies, he helps his father and brother in managing a mobile-shop. Such is his commitment to the family business as he can be seen working on the accounts even during class hour (apart from that he also spends a fare amount of class hour in dissecting the mobile phone sets of almost all the fellow class mates). Doesn’t it affect his studies?
It must be and it does, to some extent, but Azam is all about being totally in control of the circumstances (he is in) despite their enormities and demands.

Hats off Mr. Khan, amen!

बर्फ का पिघलना

क्या आपने देखा है
सर्दियो के मौसम में
वर्फ को पिघलते हुए
हा! मैंने देखा है
वार्फानी एक रात में
सुंदर घने एक वृक्ष के नीचे
एक मीठी चिंगारी के पास
वर्फ के दो टुकरे
सरकते हुए
आपस में जा मिले
मगर ये क्या
वो तो पिघलने लगे
सर्दियो के मौसम में
वर्फ का पिघलाना
आश्चर्य नही
मिलन का आहसास है .

सोमवार, 16 नवंबर 2009

इंसानों की बस्ती

कौन चाहता है यहाँ

कौन दीखता है यहाँ

कौन रुकता है यहाँ

आते और जाते लोग यहाँ

ऐसे दीवानों की बस्ती और कहाँ ?????

कुछ पाने की होड़ में

सब रिश्तों की जोड़ में

मन की जोड़-तोड़ में

मिल जाते हैं लोग यहाँ

ऐसे अरमानों की बस्ती और कहाँ ?????

ख़ुद को आगे बढ़ाने के लिए

अपने किए गुनाहों को छिपाने के लिए

हर किसी को छलने के लिए

होते हैं तैयार लोग यहाँ

ऐसे बेईमानों की बस्ती और कहाँ ??????

चुप है जुबान बुराई से डरकर

झुका है सर सच्चाई को छोड़कर

शर्मसार है इंसानियत अपना वजूद जानकर

रहते है ऐसे लोग यहाँ

ऐसे इंसानों की बस्ती और कहाँ ??????

रविवार, 15 नवंबर 2009


jinhe dhundati hai nazarein ye vo manzar nahi hai,

naa humsafar naa humraah koi ye vo raah-e-safar nahi hai,

maine to khwaab dekha tha gulistaan me ashiyaan ka,

har taraf bikhari hai yahaan laashein ye vo ghar nahi hai.


शनिवार, 14 नवंबर 2009

Characters - queen of emotions

First of all a very happy children's day to all ! A very special day, isn't it? So let me talk about a very-14 special character(one of my all time favourites) from our batch.
She is special for umpteen reasons. just take a look at some of them.
1> Movement - There was probably never born such a moving (literaly) character ever in the human history. I am not joking. Take a walk with her and you can observe it too. She will walk two steps ahead of you and then turn back. This is followed by a variety of sideways movements. To top it all is her next movement which results in her taking a reverse walk(i m nt sure whether it should be termed walk or jump or some kind of uchhal kud)- one of my most-cherished movements(among many she has) .
No act of her is ever devoid of movement of some kind or the other. Even if she is inside the classroom, she can't help producing them( even at the presence of the great SB sir- probably the strictest disciplinarian ever born on this whirling ball). Her eyes perennially changing their gaze, her fingures constantly poking the fellow companion(on most of the ocassion - 'guddu'aka shrabani)and her face relentlessly emanating grins.
2> Portrayal of emotion - She is an embodiment of emotion and can give even the ever-emotional actresses of the bollywood from the 70s and 80s a real run for the money. There is an avalanche of emotion in everything she does. Though for most of the time she can be seen hopping around, her emotional-evincing quality is at its best when she goes through some of her ephemeral phases of silence( she does have these phases regularly). During these phases, she appears divine( i have observed it only once and that was on her birthday when she looked like one of the quintessential fairies straight out from legendary fairytale novels )with her eyes replete with care-for-all and want-to-be-cared-by-all feelings.
I think all of you must have figured her out by now?
Yes i am talking about the muscularly built ebbulient lass from Bokaro- shayonti mandal aka shayo.
Shayo(we hardly address her as shayonti) and i began to interact only during the last phase of the first semester. In the early days, i would think of her as someone very aloof and spoilt( an honest confession). But as the conversation became more frequent, i gradually came across some of her stand out qualities. In recent times, i have found her company quite enriching especially while studying together in library. She has the eyes and the ears for the problems engulfing the current world and does produce her rational takes on them in her unique emotional style.
Shayo, above anything else is an offbeat creative girl. Nothing defines her personality better than the word- offbeat creativity. She is not moulded in tradional creativity which implies producing new and original creations in all circumstamnces. It is more of mood and challenge driven. When in best of her spirits and challenged to the hilt, she churns out pure gems(remember her presentation in online journalism workshop in the prsence of that inestimable communicator- the lively Avijit Chakravarty). She has her mood swings. If she doesn't feel like doing something, she shuns it completely.
Shayo is also one of the most misunderstood character. There have been times in her life, when she has to bear the brunt( because of her stereotyped image of being less-committed)despite having no faults of her. She is always taken for someone not being resposnsible, committed and disciplined. Truth, i must say and that with conviction, is completely different. She is a bit like Hanuman( remember the legendary monkey god from the Hindu epic Ramayana who was once cursed during his childhood that he would not be able to use his powers unless being reminded by someone else). She constantly needs to be reminded and made aware of her potentials. Once this is done, she can go great guns.
Shayo, has a flair for communication and can talk to a person with any background with nonchalant ease.
Recently she went through a 'painful tryst' with insects. with her entire face swollen(thanks to the constant bites she received from her 'ever-flying lovers'),she was advised to take rest and cut down on her movements. But even during those moments of extreme agonies, she stepped out of her hostel and celebrated diwali with less-privileged children on the ghats. Doesn't this small anecdote tell us everything about this vivacious emotional girl ?
For me, it does. What about you?
's(h)ayo nara'

शुक्रवार, 13 नवंबर 2009


The care and concern
for which i  have strived for years
is now with me
present right here
The comfort of someone's warmth
is soothing my soul
and reducing the effect of cold
as if burnt a bituminous coal
Oh! the comfort of togetherness
that gives peace to my heart
Will it stay like this forever
and never do us apart.
I wish my wish comes true
and the care remains forever
But i know the things i can't do
but your memories will stay forever.

Characters- gladiator (indian version)

In the first part of this series(characters)we came across the strong-willed shilpa. If shipa is all seriosness and values, the character i m gonna talk about 2dy is a perfect foil to her.
He z sporty n has passion for daredevilry.
Nothing on this planet can take away his evergreen mischief.
A box office among chicks, at best he can be dubbed fun incarnate.
Any guess?
Yup, here comes the discover-stride lad frm the 'mineral-rich' land of daltenganj- Murli- the gladiator.
Now u may ask why is he being billed as gladiator?
The answer lies in the nomenclature itslf.
Remeber Russel Crow as gladiator. What does he do in the film?
He simply carries the burdens of forces(force of any nature,some can be seen. Some are invisible) besieging him with elan. Never evincing emotion, he simply carries on with twists and turns of life as and when they appear. To make it more precise - he simply knows how to enjoy the verisimlitudes of life. He is not hesitant of taking risks and can go to any lengh if the required task is of any value for his near and dear ones.
Murli, for me, is the one moulded in these quintessential 'gladiatoresque' virtues.
During the early phase of the 1st semester, i would almost have no conversation with him. But as the time passed and we were put into the same group for BBC exercise(a real goal-oriented group with shilpa also being there), our talks began much frequent and it was during these periods of group discussions that i came across his creativity and heart-soothing fun-emanating abilities(he has a unique sense of humour and can turn grimmest of situation into a real revelry) . By the time we had 1st semester examination, our friendship had fully blosssomed. today, i can say he is one of the dearest human beings to my heart.
On the lighter note, murli is quite a fickle character. he is never serious and even if he is really serious, such is the anatomy of his face(it's all self creation)as it(seriosness) never comes to the fore.
Playing computer games(i really don't like him making the great glenn mcgrath appear a real hapless bowler in one of the computer cricket games he frequently savours), teasing girl and what we call in our patoi 'line marna' are his favourite pastimes (sorry, shree- i have an avalanche of sympathy for you).
We all will miss his funs and banters when we depart from here in a four months' time.
After all you don't get such a real celebrator of human spirit everywhere.
Gladiate and keep everyone gladiated with your gladiatorial elemnts-mr. murlidhar!
jai shrikshna!

विकास या.....

विकास की इस दौड़ में,

हम अक्सर ये भूल जाते हैं,

कि हजारों की जिन्दगी में,

उजाला लाने के लिए,


लाखों की जिंदगी तबाह कर डालते हैं।

कौन सुनता है इनका दर्द,

इन विस्थापितों कि आवाज,

ये तो बहुद्देशीय परियोजनाओं के शोर में,

दब जाती हैं।

किसी शहर को,

जो दो सदियों से आबाद था,

उजाड़ कर हम विकास करते हैं।

गंगा कि धारा को रोककर,

हम देवताओं को भी अपनी ताकत का

अहसास कराते हैं।

नर्मदा से लेकर गंगा का विकास हो रहा है।

और जो बसे-बसाए शहर थे,

गाँव थे,

उनमें बसी लाखों जिंदगियों का

सत्यानाश हो रहा है।

गुरुवार, 12 नवंबर 2009


दिल्ली की सड़कों पर लहराते हुए,

रुकते हुए, रुकते-रुकते चलते हुए,

ये आगे बढती है।

लोगआंखों में ख्वाब सजाकर आगे बढ़ते हैं,

ये ख्वाबों से भी दो कदम आगे बढती है,

लोगों पर चढ़ती है।

लक्ष्मण ने एक रेखा खिंची थी,

सीता को बचाने के लिए,

ये लाइन है लोगों को लाने के लिए,

ले जाने के लिए'

और कभी-कभी राम से मिलाने के लिए,


जो जान बचाने के लिए थी,

लक्ष्मण लाइन थी।

ये जान लेती है,

ये ब्लू लाइन है।

characters-lady imperious

hi friends, frm today onwards i m going to start a series of personal opinions on different individuals from our batch (2008-10).
so, let's begin.
the first individual that i m going to talk about is the one whom i interacted first here at the department.
it was 16th of july 2008-the day of councelling. amidst the pattering of rain,a bunch of young faces was siiting inside a hall. with the prospect of being anointed a media student all set to become a reality, the would-be menbers of BHU mass comm family were all involved in an intense chirping. soon, a set of papers was brought on with the 'man in red'( one of the department official, guess who it could be)asking for a quick completion of all these formalities(admission in this part of the world is one of the most cumbersome activities as it involves the filling-ups of at least ten different forms and then standing at the tip of yor toes for hours while submitting fees at jampacked counters)
well, it was during this act of filling-up of admission form that i received sm word of advice from this wonderful human being (i was grappling with some of the clauses mentioned in the form when she-yes she is a girl-extended the much-needed verbal wisdom).
cut to november 2009. it's almost one year and 4 months sicee we have been here at the department.
and the girl is now an apple of everyone's eyes.
she and her scooty(which she rides with elan and of course with the blue-eyed kancha frm hilly lands of kaathmandu sitting behind) is now an integral part of departmental folklore.
a strict disciplinarian,her strong 'stands' serve as the inspiration for lesser willed mortals.
guess who is she?
by now, most of you must have figured her out.
if not, let me dispell the suspense.
the name is shilpa- shilpa rai.
shilpa comes to me as someone with well-defined grace and strong beliefs in her decisions. never have i seen her wilting under pressure of any kind-internal and external included. her pasona is akin to the revolutionary path of sun. like sun, she functiones well within her properly marked out territories of dignity and self-control.
she never appears wishy-washy. like the energy-emanating sun, she is always assured of actions she undertake, never shy of letting an individual know if he/she is going wrong. she is a point-blank talker and i must say because of this she sometimes have to face ego-tiffs with other individuals(as in today's world we are so adept at hearing everything goody-goodies that an objective comment is always taken up as an insult).
at times, she is dubbed arrogant too (here i must mention, only a person who is not familiar with various facets of her life can 'dubb' her so). but, spend some quality time with her and you come to know about her humility and down-to-earth approach to the life.
an avid fan of swish ace roger federer, she is someone with a bagful of love and affection for ground issues. talk to her and the first impression you get is that she is against glitz and glamour of all forms and is sensitive to the social and economical discriminations some certain sections of society are forced to undergo. for me, it is her this 'imperious gaze' (directed at the dazzles of modern day india) that stands out and makes her one of the most endearing characters.
3 cheers for shilpa!

बुधवार, 11 नवंबर 2009

बिभाग मेरी नज़र में

सोचता हूँ दो वर्षो में क्या खोया क्या पाया,

बिभाग का आशीष पाया, मन का विनीत खोया

कभी मन पाएल की झंकार कर हँसता है ,

कभी मृग मन कस्तूरी की खोज में तडपता है ,

कभी लगता है की मुरली की मधुर तान कान में रस घोलती है ,

तो कभी गुरूजी की क्रोध मन पट पर अमित छाप छोड़ती है ,

बिभाग में रीती नीति की बात करना बेमानी है ,

आकांक्षा की दरिया में बहते रहने की ही कहानी है ,

जीवन का संगीत छोड़ अब संगीता भी घर चली,

आलोकित करने को आतुर अलोक भी कही दूर चला ,

श्री अपने स्नेह मुख से सब पर प्रेम की shrabani वर्षा करती है ,

रघु कुल के राघव की तो बात निराली ,

जीवन के अरुण को केसव बन सबको बतलाते ,

सत्य के वेदी पर अंकित दो शब्द लव और desire हम सबको डराती है ,

सास्वत शिला खंडो से हेम पिघलती जाती है ,

दो बर्षो की तपस्या से भी अभी शिल्प ज्ञान का आभाव ,

रेपोर्टिंग रईटिंग का तो बहुत बुरा हाल है,

राजनाथ से प्राथना है सबका दिल आज़म करे

सबके दिलों के भीतर प्रेम की शमा जलाये

बहुत हो गई विभाग चालीसा अब तो भइया सबको सायो नारा ।


खामोशियाँ भी बोलती हैं,

हाँ, मैंने सुना है,

अपने अकेलेपन में,

किसी गरीब की आंखों में झाँककर तो देखो,

कुछ न कहकर भी सब कुछ कह देती हैं,

अभावों से भरा जीवन उसका,

शायद शब्दों का भी अभाव,

तभी तो उनकी आँखें ही बोलती हैं,

होठों से तो निकलती है सिर्फ़ चीख,

जिसकी गूँज शायद ही कोई सुनता है,

कोई कैसे चीख सकता है खाली पेट,

इसलिए शायद ये खामोश रहते हैं।


भोर हुई,

वो देखो चाँद छिपने लगा,

कैसा विरोधाभास प्रकृति का,

एक कृति में।

अक्सर ऐसे विरोधाभास,

मिल जाते हैं आस-पास,

ख़ुद को अहिंसा का पुजारी बताने वाले नेताजी,

अपने ही वोटरों का लहू पीते हैं शौक से,

और जो बनते हैं शरीफों के सरताज,

उन्हीं के इशारे पर होते हैं दंगा फसाद,

कहाँ तक कोई विरोधाभास की व्याख्या करे,

एक लेखक जिसको शब्द नहीं मिले,

लिख दी एक कविता,

शीर्षक 'विरोधाभास'


फ़िर एक दिन इन आसुओं की सौगात आई थी
इस महकते आँगन में मेरे अरमानो की लाश आई थी
था इंतज़ार उस साथी का जिसने अमृत पास रखी थी
पर मुझे क्या पता वो भी आसुओं की बारिस में लहू -लुहान थी

साँसे टूट रही थी सपने यूँ ही बिखर रहे थे
इंतज़ार में ये आँखें आसुओं की बारिस कर रहे थे
आँगन में मेरे सिर्फ़ खून ही खून तैर रहे थे
फ़िर भी राह में उसकी मेरे अरमान जाग रहे थे

थम गई बारिस बह गए मेरे सारे सपने
आँगन में उसी लगे फ़िर से फूल महकने
पर ना मैं था ना थे मेरे कोई अरमान
इस पेड से फूल न तोड़ना
यंहा कब्र में सो रहा है एक इंसान

बीते पल

कुछ तो बात थी उन राहों की
कुछ तो साथ थी उन बाँहों की
कुछ तो महक थी उन सासों की
आज भी चले आते हैं याद उन दिनों की
किसी के चाहत में ख़ुद को भुलाना
कुछ उसकी सुनना, कुछ अपनी सुनाना
कैसे भुला दें हम वो बिता हुआ जमाना
बहुत मुश्किल है उन यादों को मिटाना
एक चाहत थी उन रातों में
एक जादू था उन बातो में
एक सपना था उन आखों में
संजोय रखें हैं उन पलों को दिल में
आज के साथ से , रोज की बात से
कुछ रुके हुए पल से, ख्वाबों की दुनिया से
एक कसक सी होती है दिल में उन
बीते पलों की यादों से


मंगलवार, 10 नवंबर 2009

Aapke Liye !!

ऐसा नहीं कहते की उनका ख्याल दिल से भुला देंगे,
की उनको अपने जन्नत की दुनिया से मिटा देंगे,
पर आप इतने प्यारे है की,
आप के लिए भी दिल में जगह बना लेंगे
भले ही बातों को न कह सके हम,
लेकिन उनके प्यार के साथ अपनी बातों को भी धडकनों में समां लेंगे
कभी हँसा देंगे कभी रुला देंगे
भले ही प्यार का वादा न कर सके आपसे
लेकिन आपको यादों की बारिश में जरुर भीगा देंगे|
आपकी कसक बेचैनियों का इल्म है हमें
गम को मिटा न सके तो चेहरे पर मुस्कान जगा देंगे
कल दूर होकर भी आपके यदून की माला सजा लेंगे
प्यार जाता  न सके तो यादें ही लुटा देंगे|
प्रस्तुतकर्ता :- कस्तूरी सरकार

सोमवार, 9 नवंबर 2009


ये हरे-भरे पेड़ ,

हरे हैं इसलिए,

क्योंकि हर साल,

ये अपने पुराने पत्ते गिरा देते हैं,

और जो नही गिरा पाते,

वो ठूंठ बनकर रह जाते हैं।

मनुष्य भी अक्सर प्रेम करता है,

पुरानी चीज़ों से,

भई कुछ तो नया लो,

हो सकता है शुरुआत,

न हो उतनी अच्छी

पर एक दिन बात बनती ही है,

वरना शेष बचता है,

मनुष्य के जीवन में भी,

सिर्फ़ ठूंठ............

रविवार, 8 नवंबर 2009

he who lives to tell a tale

Couple of days ago, i met someone(can't disclose his identity) who claimed to have seen the ghost in situ. Many years ago during his schooldays he had this experience. On a chilly winter night when everybody was asleep he, along with his room mate was busy burning midnight oil. As the clock struck 1 am, they heard a knock followed by some strange noises on the door. Puzzled, as one would be at the hearing of a knock at 1, his friend climbed out of the bed and unbolted the door.Imagine----------------what would have happened?The boy having been unable to figure out the source of the sound, came out of the room while his friend remained engulfed with studies. one-two-three...................... and five minutes sauntered by. Now' mr. studious' all of the sudden realized that his bunny, who was with him couple of minutes ago and had gone out of the room to see what made someone knock at the door at this point of night, had not been back. Unable to understand the sudden disappearance of his friend, he began to grew in agony and finally stepped out of the room..................................................What he saw was horrible, his friend lying unconscious and a gigantic figure standing beside him. benumbed, he shrieked with all his energy and a moment later, he too fainted............................................................When he finally came round, he saw himself lying amidst hundred of deformed bodies- all seemed to have been brutally mutilated by some hard-pointed weapons. Before he could come up with another full-fledged sky-breaching shriek, he saw the same gigantic figure approaching towards him with a hard-pointed club. He wanted to shout with all his force, but he ended with only a tame whimper. slowly and menacingly the astronomical figure reached his side, halted and gave him a piercing look. He again made one final attempt to scream, only to finish whimpering again.The big figure waved the club in air and slowly began to bring it down to strike him dead at his braw. He, unable to produce any life-saving effort, closed his eyes and resigned himself to fate. He felt club approaching his forehead and as he clutched his teeth in trepidation...........................................Well it did n't strike as his 'unconscious' friend stirred his body to wake him up. he was only dreaming......................................................

गुरुवार, 5 नवंबर 2009


My life was an empty vessel
and it made much noise,
I was trapped in a castle,
and it chocked my voice.
unfortunately muffling my desires,
for so many years to come,
I uphold the fire
by keeping myself mum.
Future had in store
something for my life
there was a shrieking uproar,
like flesh being pierced by knife.
A pigmy rebellion broke out
inside my tiny heart,
it called me and shouted
its high time to start.
I broke the shackles of tranquility,
and the eclipse was over
I moved to rescue the dignity
but in vain only as a rover.
Many a time in meddlesome
You have to fall down
crisis coerces ideas to come
how to reach the crown.
I am coming my dear!
come open the gate
I have no more fear,
& I am ready to change my fate.

presenter:- Kasturi Sarkar

कुछ सपने... कुछ हकीक़त

कुछ सपने सिर्फ़ टूटने का लिए होते हैं। पर क्या करें! आँखें हैं तो सपने तो देखेंगी ही। अब......इस डर से कम से कम मैं तो अपनी आंखों को सपने देखने से मना नही कर सकता। अरे दोस्त... इतना तो सोचिये हम सपने में ही क्या क्या नही पा लेते। अच्छा छोड़िये, माना कि नींद में आने वाले सपनों पर आपका बस नहीं चलता, जागती आंखों से भी तो आप ख्वाब देख सकते हैं। फिर देखिये न वो सपना....जो आपके लिए सपना ही रह गया।

ज़िन्दगी भी तो एक ख्वाब ही है...इस देश के करोड़ों लोगों के लिए, जो पल पल घुट-घुट कर मर रहे हैं। वो भी सपना ही देखते हैं..दो जून की रोटी का, तन पर कपड़े का और सर पर एक ऐसी छत का जिससे बरसात का पानी न टपकता हो। सपना देखते हैं वो, अपने बच्चों की अच्छी परवरिश का, उनके अच्छे भविष्य का...

सपना ही तो देखती हैं इस देश की लाखों बच्चियां....पहले तो इस दुनिया में आने का, क्योंकि लाखों बच्चियाँ तो इस देश की ज़मीन पर कदम ही नहीं रख पाती। क्या करें बेचारी ......इस देश के लोग देवी की पूजा कर सकते हैं, उसे अपनी बेटी नहीं बना सकते। सपना ही तो देखती हैं यहाँ की लाखों बच्चियां....अपने भाईयों के साथ स्कूल जाने का, उनके साथ खेलने का, खुश होने का...पर क्या करें...चौका भी तो संभालना पड़ता है, गुड़ियों से खेलने की उम्र में। अन्नपूर्णा जो ठहरीं... इतना कर्तव्य तो निभाना ही पड़ता है।

सपना ही तो देखती हैं इस देश की लड़कियां और औरतें.... रात को काम के बाद सुरक्षित घर पहुँचने का, कहीं भी अकेले आने जाने का, बराबरी का, ख़ुद पर हुए जुल्म के ख़िलाफ़ आवाज उठाने का...कुल मिलाकर मां होते हुए भी मां होने का....

चलो यार, अभी कुछ देर बाद इसमे और लोगों के सपने जोडूंगा, फिलहाल तो चलता हूँ। क्या कहा?..कहाँ?... अरे भाई! सपने देखने!!!

रविवार, 1 नवंबर 2009

just a passing thought :)


As a child,I had always seen my mother selecting the big and beautiful polythene-bags and putting them under the mattress.It was as if "come what may,nothing should happen to those 'holy' sheets of polythene".

From where did mankind actually inculcate this bizarre habit?Well, that is the million dollar question.I have no qualms in admitting that even I tend to consider the space under my mattress as the safest place on earth for those bags.Moreover, I derive some kind of a morbid pleasure when I refuse to share my bags with others.I know this is bizarre.But then, I am just so possessive about them that I am afraid to part with them.

Now the scientists are telling us that these polythene-bags contribute a hell lot towards polluting the environment and disturbing the ecological balance.As a result, there is a worldwide ban on them now.This ban is yet to become completely functional in our country...I thank heavens for that!!!!

If this ban comes into being in all parts of India, what will happen to the scores of polythene-bags lying patiently under my mattress?No, I will not let them die a silent death.So I request the Indian government not to pay heed to whatever these headless scientists have to say!!!Or less come up with an alternative solution...but please please please don't impose a BAN on them for God's sake....


एक ग़ज़ल....मेरा शहर....

हिन्दुस्तान के सैकड़ों छोटे शहरों की तरह ही है वो शहर। एक शहर, जिसे गोमती नदी दो बराबर हिस्सों में बांटती है। एक शहर, जो हिंदू-मुस्लिम एकता की मिसाल है। एक शहर, जहाँ मैं पला-बढ़ा, जवान हुआ। एक शहर, जिसने मुझे प्यार दिया, जिसे मैंने प्यार किया। एक शहर, जो मेरी जन्मभूमि न होते हुए भी अपनेपन का एहसास देता है। एक शहर, जिसे हम कभी शिराज-ए-हिंद कहते थे। एक शहर, जिसे हम आज जौनपुर कहते हैं।
इसी जिंदादिल शहर के लिए मेरी छोटी सी भेंट.......

वो गलियां, वो कूचे, वो डगर देखने।
कभी आना तुम मेरा शहर देखने।

यादें जो हैं जिंदा मेरी धडकनों में,
उन्ही यादों को बस एक नज़र देखने। कभी आना तुम...

अंगडाई सुबह की, मस्ती शाम की,
हँसी है कितनी वहाँ दोपहर देखने। कभी आना तुम...

दास्ताँ है सिफर से शिखर तक की ये,
रहा फिर भी अधूरा वो सफर देखने। कभी आना तुम...

न हिंदू, न मुस्लिम हैं हिन्दुस्तानी यहाँ,
मोहब्बत की राह के हमसफ़र देखने। कभी आना तुम...

एक दरिया यहाँ शहर के बीचों-बीच,
गोमती की उठती-गिरती लहर देखने। कभी आना तुम...

तेरी राहों में फूल बिछाएगा 'विनीत',
जब भी आओगे तुम उसका घर देखने। कभी आना तुम...

विनीत कुमार सिंह

अब और कितने दिन.....

सीढियों के किनारे जब सूनापन दिखता है , तब अचानक से मन में सिहरन सी उठ आती है । एक ऐसा एहसास जिसे शब्दों में बयां करना शायद मेरे लिए संभव नही। हर गुजरता हुआ पल खुबसूरत होते हुए हमे कुछ ऐसे अनमोल यादें देता जा रहा है जिसे संभाल कर रखने का दिल करता है। --अमित

मंगलवार, 27 अक्तूबर 2009

love u all :)

U know what friends....the fear of leaving this dptt in a few months has already started to creep in. It will be so painful to part ways..I mean part ways only physically.I'm sure we will be there for each other always.
Sahi me, mujhe to abhi se ajeeb sa feel ho raha hai ye sochkar k kuch hi mahino me dptt chhodne ka time aa jayega.
It gives me goosebumps to think of life without friends like u. I shall cherish each n every moment spent here....the presentations,the assignments,the workshops,the trips,the village project,the films that v watched together,sharing the lunch,tea @ VT,baati-chokha,mimicking the teachers,the little fights that v had with each other,pulling each others' legs,laughing together,those horrible exams,et all....another semester to go. I'm sure v r gonna have more of such moments of bliss. Looking forward to all that,before finally bidding adieu to the dptt.
So i must say that I'm really really glad that u all created this common blog. It can act as a forum for the entire dptt to vent out its blues n share the moments of happiness.Whoever thought of coming up with this brilliant idea is sure to win accolades from one and all. Seriously,kudos to him.So lets make this blog a success and share our views and thoughts as frequently as possible....

remarkable initiative!!

this msg. is just to congratulate all those persons who took the initiative to creat this blog!! i wish them all the best and promise that i will always be a faithful member of this blog and will keep on sharing my views...WITH ALL BEST WISHES this is Kasturi sarkar appreciating this remarkable initiative!! KASTURI!!!

सोमवार, 26 अक्तूबर 2009

आज पत्रकारिता एवं जन संप्रेषण विभाग, काशी हिंदू विश्वविद्यालय का पहला आधिकारिक ब्लॉग निर्मित किया गया है। इस ब्लॉग की सहायता से विभाग के छात्र एवं छात्राएं अपने विचारों को एक मंच प्रदान कर सकेंगे, अपने अनुभव एक दूसरे से बाँट सकेंगे। कोई भी बात, जो आपको गुदगुदाती हो, हंसाती हो, रुलाती हो, झकझोरती हो...ऐसी किसी भी बात को आप यहाँ निःसंकोच और बेबाकी से कह सकते हैं। ये ब्लॉग इस विभाग की सम्मिल्लित सोच का एक आइना होगा, अतः आपसे उम्मीद की जाती है कि आप यहाँ ऐसी कोई भी बात नही लिखेंगे जिससे विभाग की छवि धूमिल हो।