रविवार, 30 अक्तूबर 2011

Staying Calm, Being Ready.............

I knew that earlier, this month will be a comparatively small month for me in terms of job as I was set to come Varanasi, my home town, at the beginning of the last week. As always, I was excited to come here…..but at the same time I was tired of my routined life in the national capital…… I was waiting for such a refreshment which I could get only my home… I was badly tired of that ‘office-office’ kind of life… And the moment came and I reached my hometown to live there for at least a week…

Being in Varanasi, I tried to spend most of my time at home with family. I went outside for important purposes only….as this time, I was not in a mood of experiencing the newness of the ancient city. I have been here for about a week now and it’s time to move. I will be in the train to back in Delhi tomorrow.

This small vacation was really a refreshing one for me after a tight work schedule for the last three and half months, following my last visit to the hometown. I am again ready for work….and having more stamina to explore some more ideas playing in my mind…..and to visit some more ways going towards my own goal… I know, I will have to choose. This selection process is as difficult as it is important in our life… I am not in a mood to discuss it right now, how I will do it and what I am going to do…. I want some time, only after which I will be able to say something on these topics…

This time, let me stay calm…because a tight schedule is again waiting for me, starting from the day after tomorrow……for which I am trying to be ready…

मंगलवार, 4 अक्तूबर 2011

दोस्त मेरा आजकल....

लगता है मुझको कि कोई दूसरा सा है।
दोस्त मेरा आजकल, खफा-खफा सा है।

हजार मिन्नतें मेरी यूँ नाकाम हो गयीं,
अंदाज उसका भी बिल्कुल खुदा-सा है।

गम हो या खुशी कि आँखें ढूँढ़ती उसको,
कैसे मान लूँ मैं वो मुझसे जुदा-सा है?

धड़कनें तो धड़कती हैं, हलचल नहीं कोई,
उसके बगैर दिल इक खाली मकां-सा है।

है सूखे का मौसम मगर उम्मीद कायम है,
दोस्ती के दरख्त में, एक पत्ता हरा-सा है।