मंगलवार, 22 दिसंबर 2009

Disorder of heart's Geometry!

It is emotion
which makes us humane
stays somewhere
in our heart's domain

sometimes we  forget it,
sometimes we aviod,
but it is such a trait of which
no human is devoid!

its like maths
its like poetry
its like science
and somewhat trignometry

Sin is love
Cos is hatred
Tan is care
& face its potrait.

you can hide it
you can hold
but after one point
you can't control

it will flow out
after a limited mark
it will glow
and shine with a spark!

either its love
or its anger
if  it doesn't flow
life is in danger!

there was flood 
in my heart's land
all emotions drowned
& i can't stand!

once you are drowned
in ocean of emotion
its hard to stand
take my notion!

so, in life
if you want to excel
make some friends
and let your heart's boat sail.

1 टिप्पणी:

  1. Emotions are such an integral part of life and has so much humanistic universal appeal. well done mini!!!!! i m proud of u.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं