मंगलवार, 30 नवंबर 2010

Life Navigating Us to the Right Path……………..

It’s all about choosing the right path in life. A thought that often stresses me is, if I am moving in the right direction. As soon as this question arises, life appears to present an appropriate answer.

Sometimes, I come across with a lot of options continuously bothering me to make a choice. In this process of selection, the first thing I do is that I discard those alternatives that nowhere suit my style or those ones that are little relevant to my goal. Interestingly or irritably………….many alternatives time and again call me up to pick up some, one, or none from them . That time, things become really tough but at the same moment, life seems to come up with a solution for my unease, certainly with the most suitable and definitely the best solution.

That is all about what happened this month. A plethora of options………..an assortment of anxieties…………..an array of dilemmas………….and a wide range of efforts,….....is what you can say to describe the varied nature of the month for me……. And finally, a new move for my career in shape of a new job……I have joined Contify as Copy editor…...

After all, life is guiding us to the right direction........

गुरुवार, 25 नवंबर 2010


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मंगलवार, 9 नवंबर 2010

115 glorious years of X-RAYS

Hundred and fifteen years ago when accidentally William Conrad Roentgen discovered some unknown radiations, he wouldn't have thought for a moment then of the explicit discovery he'd made.  He himself was so unaware of their significance  that he gave them the name X- Rays.  Years later it's importance was realized and it proved to be a revolution for mankind.  The ability of X-Rays to penetrate through substances and reveal their images has worked wonders for humanity.  Be it the revelation of inner structure of various crystals or the area of diagnostic radiography, it has proved to be a boon.  Despite of the emergence of various new and more advanced and sophisticated technologies X-Rays are still firmly holding their ground.  We are very grateful to Roentgen for his serendipity and the gift he gave us.

P.S. - Though now is the time to find out a better version of x-Rays to look into the souls of human beings.