शुक्रवार, 13 नवंबर 2009

Characters- gladiator (indian version)

In the first part of this series(characters)we came across the strong-willed shilpa. If shipa is all seriosness and values, the character i m gonna talk about 2dy is a perfect foil to her.
He z sporty n has passion for daredevilry.
Nothing on this planet can take away his evergreen mischief.
A box office among chicks, at best he can be dubbed fun incarnate.
Any guess?
Yup, here comes the discover-stride lad frm the 'mineral-rich' land of daltenganj- Murli- the gladiator.
Now u may ask why is he being billed as gladiator?
The answer lies in the nomenclature itslf.
Remeber Russel Crow as gladiator. What does he do in the film?
He simply carries the burdens of forces(force of any nature,some can be seen. Some are invisible) besieging him with elan. Never evincing emotion, he simply carries on with twists and turns of life as and when they appear. To make it more precise - he simply knows how to enjoy the verisimlitudes of life. He is not hesitant of taking risks and can go to any lengh if the required task is of any value for his near and dear ones.
Murli, for me, is the one moulded in these quintessential 'gladiatoresque' virtues.
During the early phase of the 1st semester, i would almost have no conversation with him. But as the time passed and we were put into the same group for BBC exercise(a real goal-oriented group with shilpa also being there), our talks began much frequent and it was during these periods of group discussions that i came across his creativity and heart-soothing fun-emanating abilities(he has a unique sense of humour and can turn grimmest of situation into a real revelry) . By the time we had 1st semester examination, our friendship had fully blosssomed. today, i can say he is one of the dearest human beings to my heart.
On the lighter note, murli is quite a fickle character. he is never serious and even if he is really serious, such is the anatomy of his face(it's all self creation)as it(seriosness) never comes to the fore.
Playing computer games(i really don't like him making the great glenn mcgrath appear a real hapless bowler in one of the computer cricket games he frequently savours), teasing girl and what we call in our patoi 'line marna' are his favourite pastimes (sorry, shree- i have an avalanche of sympathy for you).
We all will miss his funs and banters when we depart from here in a four months' time.
After all you don't get such a real celebrator of human spirit everywhere.
Gladiate and keep everyone gladiated with your gladiatorial elemnts-mr. murlidhar!
jai shrikshna!

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  1. well done dude! i must appreciate ur observation. u r doing pretty well & i m sure that this series will become most subscribed & one of the best article written on this blog. keep on going & best of luck.


    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  2. Excellent ankit........."u will b d winner f booker prize in future"
    before commenting on dis vry write up i want to disclose that while readin any f ur rite ups, i, honestly, get derailed in the well mapped labrynthine f sentences built by u nd then, usually lose my path (actual intention f readin). but soon i manage to get into actual things.

    nw cm to d point.......u are really a gud observer....i appreciate u dat u have well scrutnized d positive points f my...........Till d publication f this post i used to feel those stuffs in d character f my.............but nw onwards i believe he has those "Unique Selling Propositions" in his character. nd u kno...'coz f these characteristics he got d attorny f my prince charming..........
    nd abt his ways f tympass, i want to say dat i hv ocean f luv nd affections for him for wat he z.....i really want him to be like this......i like his ways f getting things done...
    so my dear frnd,u dnt hv to hv sympathy for me,a gal hu has not ny complain to her life nd z thoroughly satiated with her life nd beloved ones.instead, u hv to bombard ur sympathies on poor people hu r really in need.

    well n gud job.......keep it up....and as i alwys like to read ur write ups, waiting for ur nxt post.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  3. ha ha ankit....i am at one with u in almost all d apects of murli's character,specially the 'line marna' part ;)
    yeah vineet is right when he says that this endeavour of yours (to talk about each of the characters of our batch), is becoming popular day by day.more n more readers are getiing glued to it.we just keep our fingers crossed these days n luk forward to ur nxt blog...so who will be the next character????

    उत्तर देंहटाएं