शनिवार, 28 नवंबर 2009

dignity n satisfaction (read deegneeti n satisfacson..:P)

majority ppl pronounce it ths way na..haha..

d views expressed here are bloggers n d blogger dsnt intnd to hurt ne1s feelings or luk dwn upon ne1s views..d blogger believes TO EACH HIS OWN..

nw y im gona write on these 2 wrds..cz fr d last few days im nly hearng these two wrds frm ppl arnd me..n im nly seeng these 2 wrds in evrybody's profiles..
sm ppl say tht its a universal truth tht ppl cnt b satisfied..f9 i agree..bt thn ppl dnt ve much option thn to b satsfied smtyms or else one is nvr gng to b hppy..mahatma gandhi once said tht if u feel u r 2 rich jst luk at ppl above u n if u fel tht ur too poor n miserabl thn luk at ppl below u..so ws he a fool 2 ve said sch a thng..?mny ppl mi8 thnk so..bt i dnt..its gud nt to be satisfied..bt its bad to alwes be dissatisfied..ppl who r alwes dissatisfied wl succeed alwes is nt sure..bt atlst shw sm gratitude to god if 1 blvs in Him fr wtevr he hs gvn ..cz thr r milions of ppl who r in conditions worse dn we r in..ds is my blf n i dnt wnt othrs 2 subscribe to it..smtyms v ve to b satisfied wd wt v ve..bt bng satisfied dsnt mean we sdnt strive to be b8r..if nthng ele evry1 cn strive to b b8r human bngs atlst..wtsay..??
n thn thr r sm ppl who say dt ppl who say thy r satisfied r dhongi..im usng ths wrd cz im nt able to fnd a suitable englsh wrd fr it..:P..wt a judgemental statement nahi..??im nt sayng im nt judgemntal bt to mk sch an awful remark abt ppl is surely hiting below d belt..newys..y wd bill gates gv millions in charity if he wsnt satisfied wd d dollars he hs..?if he wsnt satisfied wd hw mch he hd..instead of donating he wd keep it al loked up in hs loker..watsay..???
now let me come to d wrd dignity..baapre sch a heavy wrd n ppl use it here n thn..as if it means burgers ..newys wt is dignity..jst writing abt it..i fnd slf respect a b8r trm dn dignity..as lng as i knw im true wt wrld says abt me is crap fr me..bt the day i stop bng true to myslf ..dt wl b d day i ve to sit up n strt tkng notice of whr im heading..bng true to evrybd is f9 bt bng true 2 self is better..isnt it..??im nt gonna write ne mr on ds wrd..cz nt mny ppl r fit to cumnt on wrds lyk dignity..d day i feel i cn write more n do justice to ds wrd..i wl..
its out of place bt i ve writn it cz i like it..
c ya..

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  1. well said shilpa!
    i subscribe 2 u...
    but d question remains unanswered Why only those people tok about DIGNITY when dey dnt possess it?
    May be they must be aware of this fact that they have lost it already...

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  2. Well dn shilpa! The concluding sentence was really touching. U r bang on target. sometimes we r disillusioned to believe that the real strength lies in taking stands forgetting the values of tolerance practised n made popular by our great sages and father of the nation mahatma gandhi. It somehow is the reflection of our inner weakness. Taking a stand is always easy as it detaches you with the problem. The real strength lies in accepting it as it is and finding a way out.
    Now as far as diiiiigniiityyyy and satisfaction are concerned, i m at one with u n your postmodern approach. Both satisfaction and dignity are very subjective terms n therfore can't have sacrosanct meaning in all conditions.
    N of kos u r absolutely correct with your dig at those who make a romantic comment like 'nobody can ever achieve satisfaction'. Why not? Satisfaction is a state of mind which comes with the peace in mind. People who r at peace with their mind r always in satisfaction. To quote the great Gautam Chatterjee ' peace comes only when u keep yorself with the present n do not unnecessarily unburden yorself with the loads of past n expectattions of future.'
    But hey u can't do anything with those who v moulded themselves to be cynic? They will always be dissatisfied n will never enjoy the spirit of life. May peace be upon them!
    Wonderful effort Lady Imperious! Carry on! Looking forward to reading similar trenchant piece! Produce one soon!

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  3. well said Shilpa!
    one who feels dissatisfied will always be one. one should be at least modest to themselves, of what they know and what they don't know. And as far as satisfaction is concerned ankit said it rightly that its just just a state of mind, n it depends on u wen to be satisfied and wen not. dignity is such a heavy word to cope with. you are absolutely correct wen u said that self respect is a better word than dignity. as long as i m true to myself then to hell with wat the world says. great effort on a great place!

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  4. hey shilpa...brilliant post!!!nly ppl who tk stands in lyf cn b at one wid ur post...as the saying goes..."Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed"....so one is disstsfd wn one cnt cum out oh hs/hr greed.wen u r greedy,u rnt at peace wid ur mind...dat z wen ppl say dat dey r nvr stsfied..u cn b stsfd if ur needs r fulfild.bt u cn nvr b stsfd if ur greed isnt.so stop being greedy!!!!!!!mark twain hs rightly said dat a man cant be satsfd widout hs own approval...so if u dnt wanna b stsfd,u nvr wl.i guess d almighty hs gvn us enof...rather than cribbing abt wat he hasnt,v mst thank hm 4 wat he has...wat say?

    coming 2 dignity...these days most of d ppl who use dis wrd,do nt evn undrstnd its literal meaning,leave alone undrstng its conotatns n denotatns.dey shud b d ones who shud b made 2 lrn its correct spelling n corect pronunciation first..den comes undrstng d meang..ha ha ;)dats all i hv 2 say..tc :)

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  5. but d question remains unanswered Why only those people tok about DIGNITY when dey dnt possess it?

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  6. im jst tryng to answer it..i may b wrong..ths ppl who shout abt dignity vnt got ne demselves..rt..cz AN EMPTY VESSEL MAKES MUCH NOISE..
    n generally wn v r insecure abt crtain thngs we try to put up a face dt v r brave n those thngs r in cntrl whras in reality ths thngs r vry thngs whch r nt in out cntrl..wen ppl suffr frm sm inferiority cmplex wt thy do is luk dwn upon othr ppl so tht thy cn thnk thy demselves r superior thn othrs arnd dem..i dnt thnk thrs is nethng as superiority cmplex.its nly inferiority cmplex whch manifests itself in ds frm..(ppl lukng dwn upon othr ppl..)
    we ve to wrk towrds maintaining our individuality..ITS BETTER TO B A FIRST CLASS URSELF THAN A SECOND RATE COPY OF SOMEONE ELSE...

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  7. thnx dear 2 enlighten us wid ur practical approach...
    tc n way 2 go buddy!
    waiting 4 ur next post...

    उत्तर देंहटाएं