मंगलवार, 26 जनवरी 2010

Ye tanha Ratain

कभी कभी ये रातें इतनी तनहा और उदास क्यूँ होती है
हर किसी को अपनी किस्मत से शिकायत क्यूँ होती है
दिल उदासी में जो रोना चाहे अगर
तो न जाने ये आंखें क्यूँ नहीं रोती हैं

जाने अनजाने इस जहाँ में किनारा छुट जाता है
रहें तो मिल जाती है मगर मंजिल रूठ  जाता है
रातों की नींदें चाहे कितनी भी गहरी हों
फिर भी पलकों से गिरकर हर सपना टूट जाता है

ठण्ड  के बादल अरमानो को सर्द कर जाते हैं
गर्म हथेलियों की छुअन को बर्फ कर जाते हैं
कुहासा  हटे या न हटे
जीवन की सुनी राहों में गर्द भर जाते हैं

इस  जिंदगी का भी खेल निराला है
बहुत मुस्किल से खुद को संभाला है
कुछ देर पहले  कोहरा घनेरा था
अब चारों तरफ उजाला है

शुक्रवार, 15 जनवरी 2010

Virus of life!!!!!

Life is a game
with many seasons,
love is one
now, don't ask me the reasons

sometimes unpredictable,
sometimes calm,
love with holds a fire
which keeps you warm.

wind is chilly
not because its cold
its that you lost your love
and don't have anything to hold.

betrayal is the weapon
that breaks you and tears apart
make's you feel like an idiot
when it gives pain to your heart.

those who bear its brunt
its like a lesson
& those who practise it often
its like a passion.

thinking of someone
when being in someone's arm
you are going to cause yourself
the most confused harm.

so keep your senses alert
when you are in love
because you can always fall for others
in this passion's hub!!!!!


मंगलवार, 12 जनवरी 2010


आज का दिन कितना मनहूस था? किसी ने बात करनी चाही, मगर दिल ने तो मानो हमें मजबूर कर दिया हो की किसी की सुनो भी मत। उस सुनसान से रस्ते पर मैं कहाँ चला जा रहा हूँ? क्या कोई मुझे बताएगा?

खैर छोड़िये, आपका क्या हाल है? क्या कहा अभी भी खैरियत मैं हैं? जिस दुनिया मैं हर पल हिंसा और द्वेष के शिकंजे बढ़ते जा रहे हों, वहां आप और मैं खैरियत मैं कैसे रह सकते हैं? अच्छा छोड़िये, इन बातों को। हम तो हैं ही सनकी।

मन मेरा भी है

मन आपका भी

मन सबका है पर

वो मन किसी का भी नहीं

इससे पहले की वो कुछ कहे, आप खुद अपने रस्ते हो लें। पता नहीं अगर एक बार चक्कर चल जाये, तो फिर कितने दिनों तक चलता रहे? प्रकृति का नियम है की किसी को वक्त से पहले उसका हिस्सा नहीं मिलता। मगर मैं प्रकृति का गुलाम हूँ क्या?

उन्मुक्त उड़ो आकाश में

लगाकर सपनों के पंख

रोक न पाए कोई

ऐसी हो tumhaarii udaan.


सोमवार, 11 जनवरी 2010

The Racial Saga

Off late Indian media or I must say Indian electronic media has gone berserk over the recent spate of attacks on Indian students Down Under. Switch to any 24*7 news channel, be it Hindi or English, the only thing you are going to hear is big debate with gentlemen with their protruded stomach and ladies with their glossy flimsy apparels flaunting the great Indian tradition and lashing out at everything that is Australian (even kangaroo, an animal, is not spared).
Among the three channels which I follow regularly, each of them has had their prime time discussion shows centering on this issue throughout this week. Through these panel discussions, the channels made a wholehearted attempt to paint Australia as a country of barbarious and uncivilized racist brutes. On the other hand, Indian virtues, traditions, Vedic principles, cultural values were all bragged about. The ugly part of these debates was the parochial partisan stands taken up by the anchors. Whenever someone made an attempt to bring a bit of neutrality in the discussion, the verbose moderators quelled the voice with their foolishly thrown arguments.
What do all these signify? Are news persons, conceived off as upholder of objectivity and neutrality, supposed to take political stands? What do we want to prove by calling the whole of Australia racist? Have we ever looked within and made an attempt to see where we, as a country, stand?
No doubt the spree of attacks on Indian students Down Under is a condemnable act, as violence in any form is, irrespective of its geographical location and the people who are subjected to. But to say, that because of these attacks the whole of Australia is a racist society simply does not hold water. Quite similar to what is happening with Indian students Down Under, students, professionals and laborers from Bihar have undergone in recent times in Maharashtra. Now going by the standard we are setting with paint-Australia-as-bloody racist-community-campaign, the whole of Maharashtra ought to be declared race-prone area? By the same token, the screening of Bollywood films ought to be banned in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh (as one of the panelists during a debate show on a reputed English channel vouched for the ban on Australian brands in India apart from not allowing any Australian cricket player to set his feet ashore on Indian soil).
Racism, infact, is a pan-world or pan-human phenomenon. Right from the early days of human civilization, denizens indigenous to a specific place have disliked those visitors from outside who made an effort to get settled there. The innumerable number of wars fought over different periods across the world to assert ethnic superiority clearly establishes it. The recent spate of attacks on Indians down under and the violence Biharis faced in Maharashtra or non-Asamese underwent in Assom couple of years back, they all are simply a hangover of this extremely vicious hate-others-from-other-land phenomenon.
Now let’s do a bit of soul searching. How often an Indian is racially abused in his/her county itself? No news channel has so far taken up this issue. Walk around the streets of any part of the country and you can witness in situ the prevalent trend of an outsider (not necessarily a foreigner but even those Indians belonging to other parts of the nation) being relentlessly abused or taunted by the locals. And I must add it’s a pan-Indian phenomenon. If students of north-east are referred to as chinkeys (a pejorative term for someone with small and inwardly compressed face and eyes) on the streets of Delhi, people from north India are ridiculed for their accent in south India and vice versa. A foreigner is often a subject to debunking comments everywhere in India. People of low castes are not allowed to step their feet inside a temple (can’t it be seen as an indicator of god being racist?)
For all these ubiquitous regional, racial and religious prejudices, not even in our wildest dream we can accept being called racist. Why? Couple of days back, one foreign girl was reported to have been raped by a certain state minister in Goa. Similar unfortunate incidents take place everyday. Still, they never occupy more than a minute’s attention on national television. Why?
It’s high time we, as a nation, did a bit of honest introspection and some looking back as well. Only this will help us discover how racist we have been atavistically and are still in our day to day practices. Media, too need this exercise earnestly. Remember the old Indian adage which says that the process of changing world begins with the attempt to change oneself first.

शनिवार, 9 जनवरी 2010


Dost milte jaha me bahut hai magar dosti ko samjhte sabhi to nahi,
Aaj milna hai kal phir bichud jana hai dosti par taraste sabhi to nahi,
Hath ka hath se milna bahut hai asubh hath ko hath dil se milaya karo,
Dosti me jiyo dosti me maro dosti kabhi na kalankit karo ,
Aye dost jara soch lo dur jane se pahle, mere dil pe tohmat lagane se pahle,
Tumhi ne kiya tha ye DOSTI ka wada ,
Mujhe apna dost banane se pahle.................................

गुरुवार, 7 जनवरी 2010

It Hurts.......................................

Life, they say is the most beautiful gift to mankind. Agreed and I must add by the same token, most complex and tumultuous too. Before we go further let me make it clear that by life I do not mean a mere process of taking birth. For me, it refers to the span of time one is both physically and cerebrally active on this whirling ball.
Now if you are asked what makes one's life i.e. the most gifted possession of human race, enjoyable, each of u can have your own version. Some may say money. Some will go for love. Yet some vouch for a well-defined goal and being able to work towards accomplishing it.
Well, all these hold water. But, there is another dimension left which forms the bedrock of this enjoyment. In my personal humble opinion, it is the level of trust, comfort n camaraderie we have with a set of people who really matters in our life. They(the set of people)can be our family members, friends(of both past n present),someone from our working group(even though a professional one), teachers, mentors, competitions........................in nutshell, they are the ones who share an emotional bond of deep affinity with us as somehow, our frames of reference match.
They are the ones we always look up to when we are in a moment of crises, indecision, disturbance......and any other disheartening happening of ilk nature. A mere look at them dispels the agony n despair we have gone through as their presence induces care, support n a soothening touch of compassion. No matter how heartbroken we are, we feel like talking to them for they understand us and are bound to make us feel comfortable n cared for.
Now imagine, someone of this dil-ke-kareeb (close to heart) frame spurning, neglecting or giving cold shoulders when we need them most?
How does it feel?
It hurts...........................doesn't it?
Of course, it does. None can gainsay it. It, infact, becomes palpably disturbing when the person who does it has no apparent reason/reasons vindicating his/her hostility. It, then, sinks us into a whirlpool of introspection as we fail to reach any definite conclusion. This even takes the form of agony as we begin to regularly doubt our wisdom and ability to understand human minds. If not controlled, there is every chance of sinking further into the abyss of skepticism as we tend to search for negatives in every other relation we are part of.
The solution, as I see, lie in the understanding of life itself. Life is analogous to continuous flow of an ocean. An ocean traverses huge distances but the depth of water is not same everywhere. It varies. It even goes through various weather conditions, gives shelter to varied species providing them best of facilities and taking almost nothing in return.
We too must let our life flow like that. No expectation, no feeling of animosity even after being hurt both viscerally and mentally……………and so on and so forth……………………..
Easier said than done………………………………….
Well, these aforementioned philosophical lines can make great essays but in reality can’t have an embalming effect,because life, for all its vicissitudes, is simply not comparable to the flow of an ocean. It’s human and therefore can only be defined in terms of human qualities.
One is bound to feel hurt when being hurt. And that’s reality as well as actuality……………….No half-measures……………….Bear with it………………That’s life………………And of course it hurts………………….