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characters- languid geniuos

For last couple of days I have been extremely busy attending marriage ceremonies. The visit to Azamgadh( as a crew member of 'baarati') was awesome and so was the feast at diamond hotel. Moving ahead with the 'characters', today i have brought for you another very special person.
In cricket, we have always had two distinct clans of great batsmen.
There are ones who are master at picking the length of the ball well before it is delivered. Eagle-eyed, willow-wielders of this type get onto the position as the bowler closes in to thunder the red cherry(it can be white as well and orange too, if recent news is to be believed) and dispatch it into the stands. Players like the great Don Bradman, maverick Vivian Richards and our own duo of little masters Sunny Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar - all of them can be dubbed as the exponents of this aforementioned category.
But greatness of batting is not confined to only this amazingly rich 'pro-active class.'
There has always been another clan of great cricketers whose technique is not so much of pro-active but of languid in nature. Willow-weilders of this slightly late-reactors group appear to have all the time in the world as they gear up to face the red cherry. They allow the ball to come as close to them as it can be and just as it seems to going past them, you hear the delicate sound of willow kissing the leather and the ball disappearing into crowd. Len Hutton, Brian Lara and Inzamam-Ul-Haq- all of these all-time greats have their technique built around this purely aesthetic style of lazy elegance.
Azam Khan, the stylish banarasi lad from our batch is like the aforementioned latter group of great batsmen. Never pro-active but always assured of himself and his conducts, he has his unique ways and methods to deal with a situation, howsoever challenging it may be.
The best part of his personality is his ultra-cool approach to a problem. Nothing can really get him into a tizzy. Like a general assured of victory, he will take his time, will not panic and devise his own time-tested methods to unspool the thread of the concerned problem.
Azam is one of the very few guys whom I would interact in my early days of 1st semester. As luck would have it, we were paired for presentations of both c-101 and c-105 courses. Working with him was a real fun (I must say one of the best group I ever worked). His nonchalance was a perfect foil to my impatience and rashness resulting in a satisfactory streak of presentations.
Now before you take him for a serious and unanimated guy, let me tell you he is lively too. His off-the-cuff (unique too) humors are well-cherished among us. On and off, whenever his mood permits, he produces real pranks (recently he, in his inimitable style conned us into believing that he would be soon married. It was only a couple of weeks after that the 'hoax' was finally dispelled with the truth of him projecting his brother's marriage as his came to the fore).
And one more thing- azam’s description can never be complete without the reference to his tryst with mobile phones and the world of business. Beside studies, he helps his father and brother in managing a mobile-shop. Such is his commitment to the family business as he can be seen working on the accounts even during class hour (apart from that he also spends a fare amount of class hour in dissecting the mobile phone sets of almost all the fellow class mates). Doesn’t it affect his studies?
It must be and it does, to some extent, but Azam is all about being totally in control of the circumstances (he is in) despite their enormities and demands.

Hats off Mr. Khan, amen!

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  1. wow!bingo!!!!well ankit, u've got it all correct.there cudnt have been a more apt description of azam khan's personality.all d while i ws reading this,azam's face and all his activities kept flashing before my eyes.u hv explained his traits such vividly and meticulously that i cudnt agree more to whatever u've written.azam's supercool attitude z really something which never ceases to amaze me.i guess nothing on this earth can stir him up.
    well i wud like to add something more to this description ankit.u havnt mentioned about azam's eyes.he has a pair of the most beautiful and tranquil eyes i'v ever encountered.they exude warmth all around.
    he is in fact the only chap in our clas, who z alwz in control,no matter what...
    way to go buddy :) may u nvr lose ur calm....

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