गुरुवार, 5 नवंबर 2009


My life was an empty vessel
and it made much noise,
I was trapped in a castle,
and it chocked my voice.
unfortunately muffling my desires,
for so many years to come,
I uphold the fire
by keeping myself mum.
Future had in store
something for my life
there was a shrieking uproar,
like flesh being pierced by knife.
A pigmy rebellion broke out
inside my tiny heart,
it called me and shouted
its high time to start.
I broke the shackles of tranquility,
and the eclipse was over
I moved to rescue the dignity
but in vain only as a rover.
Many a time in meddlesome
You have to fall down
crisis coerces ideas to come
how to reach the crown.
I am coming my dear!
come open the gate
I have no more fear,
& I am ready to change my fate.

presenter:- Kasturi Sarkar

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