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Characters - queen of emotions

First of all a very happy children's day to all ! A very special day, isn't it? So let me talk about a very-14 special character(one of my all time favourites) from our batch.
She is special for umpteen reasons. just take a look at some of them.
1> Movement - There was probably never born such a moving (literaly) character ever in the human history. I am not joking. Take a walk with her and you can observe it too. She will walk two steps ahead of you and then turn back. This is followed by a variety of sideways movements. To top it all is her next movement which results in her taking a reverse walk(i m nt sure whether it should be termed walk or jump or some kind of uchhal kud)- one of my most-cherished movements(among many she has) .
No act of her is ever devoid of movement of some kind or the other. Even if she is inside the classroom, she can't help producing them( even at the presence of the great SB sir- probably the strictest disciplinarian ever born on this whirling ball). Her eyes perennially changing their gaze, her fingures constantly poking the fellow companion(on most of the ocassion - 'guddu'aka shrabani)and her face relentlessly emanating grins.
2> Portrayal of emotion - She is an embodiment of emotion and can give even the ever-emotional actresses of the bollywood from the 70s and 80s a real run for the money. There is an avalanche of emotion in everything she does. Though for most of the time she can be seen hopping around, her emotional-evincing quality is at its best when she goes through some of her ephemeral phases of silence( she does have these phases regularly). During these phases, she appears divine( i have observed it only once and that was on her birthday when she looked like one of the quintessential fairies straight out from legendary fairytale novels )with her eyes replete with care-for-all and want-to-be-cared-by-all feelings.
I think all of you must have figured her out by now?
Yes i am talking about the muscularly built ebbulient lass from Bokaro- shayonti mandal aka shayo.
Shayo(we hardly address her as shayonti) and i began to interact only during the last phase of the first semester. In the early days, i would think of her as someone very aloof and spoilt( an honest confession). But as the conversation became more frequent, i gradually came across some of her stand out qualities. In recent times, i have found her company quite enriching especially while studying together in library. She has the eyes and the ears for the problems engulfing the current world and does produce her rational takes on them in her unique emotional style.
Shayo, above anything else is an offbeat creative girl. Nothing defines her personality better than the word- offbeat creativity. She is not moulded in tradional creativity which implies producing new and original creations in all circumstamnces. It is more of mood and challenge driven. When in best of her spirits and challenged to the hilt, she churns out pure gems(remember her presentation in online journalism workshop in the prsence of that inestimable communicator- the lively Avijit Chakravarty). She has her mood swings. If she doesn't feel like doing something, she shuns it completely.
Shayo is also one of the most misunderstood character. There have been times in her life, when she has to bear the brunt( because of her stereotyped image of being less-committed)despite having no faults of her. She is always taken for someone not being resposnsible, committed and disciplined. Truth, i must say and that with conviction, is completely different. She is a bit like Hanuman( remember the legendary monkey god from the Hindu epic Ramayana who was once cursed during his childhood that he would not be able to use his powers unless being reminded by someone else). She constantly needs to be reminded and made aware of her potentials. Once this is done, she can go great guns.
Shayo, has a flair for communication and can talk to a person with any background with nonchalant ease.
Recently she went through a 'painful tryst' with insects. with her entire face swollen(thanks to the constant bites she received from her 'ever-flying lovers'),she was advised to take rest and cut down on her movements. But even during those moments of extreme agonies, she stepped out of her hostel and celebrated diwali with less-privileged children on the ghats. Doesn't this small anecdote tell us everything about this vivacious emotional girl ?
For me, it does. What about you?
's(h)ayo nara'

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