रविवार, 1 नवंबर 2009

just a passing thought :)


As a child,I had always seen my mother selecting the big and beautiful polythene-bags and putting them under the mattress.It was as if "come what may,nothing should happen to those 'holy' sheets of polythene".

From where did mankind actually inculcate this bizarre habit?Well, that is the million dollar question.I have no qualms in admitting that even I tend to consider the space under my mattress as the safest place on earth for those bags.Moreover, I derive some kind of a morbid pleasure when I refuse to share my bags with others.I know this is bizarre.But then, I am just so possessive about them that I am afraid to part with them.

Now the scientists are telling us that these polythene-bags contribute a hell lot towards polluting the environment and disturbing the ecological balance.As a result, there is a worldwide ban on them now.This ban is yet to become completely functional in our country...I thank heavens for that!!!!

If this ban comes into being in all parts of India, what will happen to the scores of polythene-bags lying patiently under my mattress?No, I will not let them die a silent death.So I request the Indian government not to pay heed to whatever these headless scientists have to say!!!Or less come up with an alternative solution...but please please please don't impose a BAN on them for God's sake....


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