बुधवार, 28 नवंबर 2012


वह बहुत देर तक अविनाश सामने पड़ी टेबल पर अपना सर पटकता रहा।  पर अगर इतना भर करने से अगर सच बदल जाता तो आज दुनिया की सूरत ही कुछ और होती। उसे समझ ही नहीं आ रहा था की यह उसके साथ ही क्यों हो रहा है। अच्छी भली ज़िन्दगी चल रही थी, जाने कहाँ से यह घटिया सच निकलके उसकी आँखों के सामने आ गया था। कमबख्त पड़ा रहता वहीं कोने में तो क्या बिगड़ जाता। रोज़ वह घड़ी ही देखता रहता था की कैसे छह बजे और वह उड़ के घर पहुँच जाए।  दिन भर सुमन से दूर रहने के बाद उसे घबराहट होने लगती है। आज वही घबराहट घुटन में कैसे बदल गयी है।  क्यों उसका घर जाने का मन नहीं हो रहा है। कहीं भाग के भी नहीं जा सकता।  सिर्फ एक कागज़ के टुकड़े ने कैसे उसकी दुनिया खत्म कर दी।  सुमन ने इतना बड़ा फैसला अकेले कैसे ले लिया।  कहाँ से आई उसमे इतनी ताक़त की वह अकेले ही उन दोनों के प्यार के स्पंदन का गला घोंट दे।  एक सांस लेती ख़ुशी को पलभर में उसने काली रात का हिस्सा कर दिया।  अफ़सोस का एक कतरा आंसू भी उसकी सुखी आँखों में नहीं था। वो चेहरा जिसकी एक झलक ज़िन्दगी को रूहानी कर देती थी, उस चेहरे की याद भी अब अविनाश के सीने में नश्तर सी चुभ रही थी।  वह सांस भी नहीं ले पा रहा था।

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मंगलवार, 11 सितंबर 2012

जब वापस आया दोस्त मेरा

खोई हुई प्रेरणा अज जैसे वापस मिल गयी है...जिसने मुझे ये लिखने को प्रेरित किया है 

अमरुद के पेड़ की छांव में 
था हमारे स्कूल का चापाकल 
जहाँ जमघट लगती थी हर दोपहर 
सब बतियाते थे आज और कल 
कभी क्लास में कभी आंगन में 
करते थे हंसी ठिठोली हम 
सुबह से हो जाती थी शाम यहाँ
फिर भी पल लगते थे कम 
कई दोस्त कई सहेलियां 
सबकी थी कई कहानी 
बीतते  गए साल दर साल 
पर बदली न आदतें पुरानी
हुआ नए स्कूल में दाखिला 
जहाँ उदास था मन का घेरा 
दिन एक कोपले हरी हुई
जब वापस आया दोस्त मेरा
दिन बदले तारीखे बदली
बदलते गए साल दर साल 
बिछड़ गए सब दोस्त यही 
बदली सबकी जिंदगी की चाल
अब सबकी नयी थी दुनिया 
थे जीवन में कुछ लक्ष्य नए 
राग वही था तान वही थे 
बस बदली थी समय की लय
कई साल गुजरे सन्नाटे में 
न कोई पुराना था दोस्त यहाँ 
फिर मिल गया एक दिन यार मेरा 
जिसे ढूंढ़ रही थी कहाँ कहाँ 
नन्हे क़दमों की दोस्ती 
दूरी से सफ़र में बदल गए 
वो कल भी था वो अज भी है 
बस जीवन  में उसके मायने बदल गए 

सोमवार, 30 अप्रैल 2012

My Internship Days

The days when I first experienced the entire structure of the organizations related to the field I sought my career in… The days when I first observed the ins and outs of the work culture of those organizations… The days when I first became the part of those organizations… In short, “My Internship Days” (May-June 2009)…
Hindustan Times, Varanasi (May 2009)
“Welcome to the world of HT”. These were the words of the in charge of Hindustan Times, Varanasi, on the first day of my internship with the bureau office. He ensured proper guidance and cooperation to me from him and other members of the team HT, Varanasi. The first day meeting with him boosted up my confidence but the things were not so easy. Actually, they didn’t have enough time to spend with interns. Interns were not allowed even to come in the office regularly. They could talk to the concerned person, only if they had something concrete about the assignment story allotted to them. Again, the concerned persons were too busy to talk to interns. I was asked to work on the HT city and most of my work was related to field activities.
According to the in charge of the bureau office, about all of my stories done were sent to the regional office but he was not able to explain what happened to those stories after that. He said that they liked those stories. However, I never got a chance to see them on the white paper. They had the same excuse, “We sent them but publishing would be decided by the concerned persons sitting in the regional office.”
Sahara Samay, Lucknow (June 2009)
It turned to be a rocking time while working with Sahara Samay, Lucknow. In the proper guidance of experts of the field, I learned many aspects of electronic media, during my internship with the bureau office. I went to around 20 shoots, wrote scripts on every shoots, learned in the studio about the working of various equipments like camera, lights and audio-visual mixture, among other things, sent feeds to the head office, coordinated the production work, had the idea of the working of distribution as well as marketing departments and finally submitted my project report.
The bureau chief and other crew members always appreciated me for the stories done by me. He appreciated me saying, "I would have liked to give some extra marks for the work you have done here". Other senior reporters expressed their happiness about taking me to shoots with them and appreciated me for the scripts on the shoots I wrote.
These were the days when I first felt the whole working atmosphere of the organizations of journalism field… Overall, I had a superb experience during “My Internship Days”…

मंगलवार, 27 मार्च 2012

If I were the Prime Minister for a Day……………...............

Once somebody asked me an extremely puzzling question – What would have I done if I had been the Prime Minister for a day?

If I were the Prime Minister for a day, how interesting it sounds. Isn’t it? But how difficult it is to think about and how challenging it would have been if it had become a reality.

India is one of the fastest growing countries of the world. It also shows all the potential to become the most developed country in South Asia. It already is considered as the big brother among all the countries of South Asia.

The Prime Minister’s chair has given space to several persons since 1947, after independence. Prime Minister is the most powerful person of the country, according to the Indian constitution. What actually I could have done for the betterment of the country if I had possessed this powerful post, was a question awfully baffling me.

Despite all the developments and talks about the developments, India as a developing country is facing all the challenges a country of its kind faces largely. India is confronting with all such challenges including high level of population, Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and low per capita income. These all the challenges are directly associated with the cabin of Prime Minister of India.

The first and foremost task of mine as the Prime Minister would have been developing a sound strategy to cope up with the aforesaid challenges. I would also have taken strong steps against the politics of religion, caste, creed and all other factors that are responsible for corruption in government and administration, the most burning issue of these days. I replied to the question in the aforesaid words.

However, I knew that I would not have been the first person to think like that and do like that. Many others who held the position must have tried their best. Still, if I were the Prime Minister for a day I would have done this in my own way.

Think Positive Be Positive………………………..

बुधवार, 21 मार्च 2012

When I Was a Kid………...........

Sometimes I think what the most thrilling wish was for me, when I was a kid. Simply, I was waiting to grow up. I never knew what the struggles of life were all about. What I knew was just to do the class-work/homework given by school, to eat, to sleep and to play. Life was easy like air. There was no stress of marks, no tension of job and no need to think about future but there was a thought that when would I be a grownup?

I used to think that when I become a grownup, I will get some extraordinary powers that only a grownup can possess. I never thought of the responsibilities that are possessed by the grownups. It was only in my youth when I came to know that big powers always come with big responsibilities.

One’s childhood is the most precious time to build one’s physical and mental traits. It’s all about getting the basic personality by oneself. But that is the time when you don’t know how does this happen. When you actually realized the process, it is already your youth. Before that you are not mature enough to understand these valuable moments of your life.

Today, when I look back, I realize that the youth that is ready to come is always waited by a child but the childhood that has gone can only be thought of but never be got back. We always have time to seek what we don’t have but we never have it enough to observe the value of things that we already own.

Cheers for our childhood.....……..

मंगलवार, 13 मार्च 2012

It’s All About Varanasi…............

Varanasi, popularly known as Banaras, is considered as one of the ancient cities in the world. It is situated on the bank of river Ganga. Comprising of 84 ghats and innumerable temples, this city is known for its religiosity, culture and diversity. Moreover, bearing Kashi as its ancient name, it is an apple for the eyes of the tourists. That is one of the must visit and most visited tourist place of India.

When you start traveling the city, you never have a chance to miss out any of the places that hold all the capacity to attract tourist from all over the world. Sankatmochan, Manasmandir, Lord Durga and Kashi Vishwanath temples are such amazing attractions of the city. Apart from that, Dashwashamedh, Assi and many more ghats are having their own significance regarding the historical landmarks of not only this beautiful city but also of the whole India and the world itself. Form any of these ghats, you can see the elegant landscape of river Ganga.

BHU, Banaras Hindu University, Asia’s largest university is another milestone in terms of the praise of this wonderful city. Besides, how can we forget the place of peace Sarnath that is also responsible to put more stars in the excellence list of Banaras?

Varanasi is a place that never let you feel that whether you are old or new for it. Furthermore, as soon as you reach it, Banaras starts to grab your attention and you become a fan of it, as soon as you visit it. This is the grace of the marvelous city.

Cheers for Varanasi….......

मंगलवार, 28 फ़रवरी 2012

Planning Needs “Adjustments” Not “Replacements”

Sometimes when you feel things are not going according to your plans, that doesn’t reflect you are a failure in your planning aptitude but it just asks you to place some adjustments in your plans. So, why not you think about placing adjustments and readjustments in your plans instead of replacing them altogether?

The month remained not very productive according to my plans but yes it has been a great learning in terms of achieving my goal. It let me learn some significant processes that I needed to know for the better accomplishment of the objectives set for the big goal. It even brought more clarity and firmness over those core objectives. At the same time, it convinced me to position some important adjustments in the further moves towards the direction of my goal.

It has been mixed results for me this month. May be the output I was looking for is still far from here but yes the certain is that I am now one more step close to that desired output. And the adjustments I am looking to make in my plans will hopefully help me see the most wanted output.

Due to it’s being a leap year, one more day is here for the month…and the day is still remaining…hoping for the best…

बुधवार, 22 फ़रवरी 2012

Your Life’s Philosophy Drives Making of Your Life’s Story

More than 6 billion people on the earth are different from each other in several aspects. And how would not they be different when they all are born in different environments, survived in different atmospheres, borne different socio-economic backgrounds, even lived different lives. This blesses them with different psychologies which in turn pass on them different philosophies. And one’s life’s philosophy leads the making of one’s life’s story.

6 billion people, 6 billion lives and 6 billion philosophies…….is not a small reason behind the making of 6 billion stories at a time. And why just this 6 billion number to be considered when many multiples of this number has already been the part of the history of the current civilization. Innumerable people, innumerable lives and innumerable philosophies have written innumerable stories only on this earth………if we leave the possibilities of life on other (un)known planet. And if we had explored such possibilities, we would have to put in place many multiples of the innumerability.

However, despite life-size differences in socio-economic-psychological aspects, there are a few stories, in a broad way, revolving around the different creatures of different natures on the great earth. Or say the innumerable life stories can be divided in a few broad categories. Still, which category of stories suits your life’s journey, depends on your life’s philosophy (or on a particular category if you have also broadly categorized innumerable philosophies discovered so far in this great world).

Have a great life……….

मंगलवार, 31 जनवरी 2012

In a Bid to Take a New Track…

With all the newness in thoughts in this very new year, I was all prepared to take some new ways in the very beginning of this month…

Having celebrated the New Year 2012 with my friends in Delhi, soon I headed for Varanasi. Major part of the first month of the year, I spent with my family in the hometown. Enjoyed the food of home and the breeze of the holy city. Had a small visit of Banaras Hindu University and Assi Ghat with a friend and where remembered those special days of college life and also discussed the present and future aspects of our career.

As always, being at home and travelling the ancient city was a very refreshing experience for me. With loads of energy in mind and body, I came back in the national capital in the second last week of the month. The first thing which I came across after reaching Delhi was the severe cold and I was caught by which on the same day.

This was the time when all what was in my mind was to think about and workout the new possibilities for my career… This was the time to implement some new ideas that I was thinking about for the whole month or even before that… This was the time to explore some new opportunities… This was the time to put myself in some new situations to gain some new experiences… This was the time to find some new paths… This was the time to make myself prepare for a new race… This was the time to run a new way… This was the time to take a new path…

गुरुवार, 19 जनवरी 2012

इतना कायर हूँ कि उत्तर प्रदेश हूँ (भाग-1)

आगामी कुछ सप्ताह उत्तर प्रदेश और साथ ही साथ भारत के लिए राजनीतिक लिहाज से काफी महत्वपूर्ण हैं। संसार के सबसे बड़े लोकतंत्र के इस सबसे बड़े राज्य में विधानसभा चुनाव होने वाले हैं। उत्तर प्रदेश की राजनीति में जातीय समीकरण, धनबल और बाहुबल किसी भी उम्मीदवार का भविष्य तय करने में महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाने लगे हैं। यही कारण हैं कि यहाँ की गरीबी और पिछड़ेपन के बारे में कोई भी पार्टी बात करती हुई नजर नहीं आती है। मुद्दे के नाम पर मुस्लिम आरक्षण, पिछड़े और दलितों को आगे लाने और वजीफा बाँटने जैसे वायदे शामिल हैं। मानव संसाधन से भरपूर यह प्रदेश आज इस कदर लाचार है कि एक गौरवशाली इतिहास होने के बावजूद आज यह पिछड़े राज्यों की सूची में नजर आता है।

आज उत्तर प्रदेश की विधानसभा में बैठने वाले माननीयों में एक बड़ी संख्या ऐसे लोगों की है जो कि ढेर सारे आपराधिक मामलों में वांछित हैं। अभी हाल तक मुख्यमंत्री मायावती के द्वारा भ्रष्टाचार के चलते दो दर्जन से ज्यादा मंत्री बर्खास्त किए गये। क्या मुख्यमंत्री के ज्ञानचक्षु ऐन विधानसभा चुनावों के वक्त ही खुले। उनके इन महान जनसेवकों ने मंत्री रहते हुए साढ़े चार सालों में कितने कारनामे किए, क्या ये बात उनको मालूम नहीं थी। मुख्यमंत्री ने भी अपने इस कार्यकाल में कौन सा परिवर्तन ला दिया। जो परिवर्तन मैंने नोट किया उसमें लखनऊ और नोएडा में पत्थरों के कुछ ज्यादा ही बुतों का दिखना शामिल था।

अक्सर लोग दलित उत्थान, पिछड़ों के विकास और मुस्लिम आरक्षण की बात करते रहते हैं। क्या उत्तर प्रदेश या फिर पूरे भारत में ही ब्राह्मण, राजपूत, कायस्थ और भूमिहार निवास नहीं करते। क्या ये जातियाँ सारे सुख भोग रही हैं। क्या हमारे हुक्मरानों को इनकी गरीबी और तंगहाली नहीं दिखती। भारतीय संविधान चीख-चीखकर सबके लिए बराबरी की बात करता है और थोड़ा आगे जाकर सामाजिक अन्याय का सबसे बड़ा उदाहरण प्रस्तुत कर देता है। उत्तर प्रदेश की तथाकथित अगड़ी जातियाँ न जाने कौन सा सुख भोग रही हैं कि उनका नाम भी इन चुनावों में, या फिर ऐसे राजनीतिक पर्वों में लेना ये दल महापाप समझते हैं।
                                                             ..........................आगे भी जारी रहेगा।

मंगलवार, 17 जनवरी 2012

जरा संभलकर

बेशक करो सवाल मगर जरा संभलकर।
अभी नशे में है सरकार जरा संभलकर।

गर सुर में न रहे तो पंजे में होगी गर्दन,
ये है दिल्ली का दरबार जरा संभलकर।

-विनीत कुमार सिंह

गुरुवार, 12 जनवरी 2012

Newness Lies in Thoughts: Happy 2012

The new year comes with all the newness in all respects – from the movement of the clock to the changing of calendar – but what is actually new about a new year. Is it the time and date? Yes definitely but what else? Are the air, water, atmosphere, environment, world, earth and universe are all new in a new year, or some of them, which make us feel the newness in life? Or something else? It may be some other thing that is positive or become positive with the beginning of a new period…….creating new hopes………..making new resolutions, expectations or speculations. Yes it is…….and that other thing is our thoughts.

I think, with the beginning of a new period or venture…..we tend to start playing with new ideas. Being fed up with all that crap…….or in polite words words….all that less-productive things we did in the past year, we become more optimistic about the coming time which could help us achieve all that landmarks which we really deserve to come across in this life. So yes….it’s our thoughts which are having all the novelty of the nature. It’s our thoughts which come to make us hopeful, when we are going through a period of depression. And it’s our thoughts which make the coming year have all the potential to bring about a positive change in our life and the world.

With lots of hopes and expectations for the best, we have entered in the year 2012, which is said to be the concluding year of the current civilization. The world ends or remains, will be answered at the end this year. At this moment, we should be optimistic about all the good to be happened in the world in the year 2012.

Let’s welcome the novelty in our thoughts. Let’s welcome the second year of the second decade of the 21st century.

Happy New Year 2012….

शुक्रवार, 30 दिसंबर 2011

In the Search of Peace and Freedom…………………

“If they are not getting peace and freedom home, they cannot achieve it in any part of the world”, says the caretaker of Krishnamurti Foundation, Rajghat, Varanasi. Krishnamurti foundation shows people the way to get the ultimate peace and freedom. The peace and freedom which always remain in them but they have been searching it in all over the world probably since their birth.

The Study Centre of Krishnamurti Foundation, at Varanasi, is situated at Rajghat. It is running many schools and colleges in the city, including Vasanta Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Rajghat, Varanasi. The study centre is located in the house, in which Krishnamurti lived during his annual visits. Set on a high prominence overlooking the Ganga, the campus has a guest house and a few cottages attached to the study centre/retreat. The study centre consists of a library and a mini-archive. Apart from offering the usual facilities of a Krishnamurti study centre, it has a translations and publications cell, where its Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu translations are available. 

Stepping in from the main gate of the Krishnamurti Foundation at Rajghat, we observed the peace and the sense of freedom which we never feel in this competitive and cacophonic life of the city side. The well constructed garden greened with trees and plants never give someone a chance to think about the outside world. The people from all over the world come here in the search of peace and freedom, and probably they get it.

“Need not to go anywhere in the search of peace and freedom, which remain inside us. Need is to search it in our own”, the caretaker adds.

गुरुवार, 29 दिसंबर 2011

Observing the Observatory

The Manmandir Observatory, situated at Manmandir ghat of the river Ganga in Varanasi, looks as big and old as the other buildings of the ancient Varanasi. This observatory was constructed by the remarkable monarch of Jaipur Maharaja Sewai Jai Singh. He was the person behind the foundation of many cities, including Jaipur, in the country.

Entering inside the gate, there are stairs to get upside. There is a corridor giving the experience of a palace of the Mughal era. The paining depicted on the walls of the corridor are the finest examples of Mughal-era painting. The building is constituted with many corridors, yards, and stairs. 

Major attraction of the building is the well constructed solar watch on the roof of the observatory. It man-made clock works by nature. This watch is based in the sun. By watching the shadow made on it, we can easily estimate the time. The solar time-set is very accurate.

From the balconies of the observatory, we see both the banks of the river Ganga. This one is the most eye-catching view from here. From this height, seeing boats in the river and people roaming here and there on the ghat is another wonderful experiences. 

This observatory is one of the beautiful examples of the ancient Varanasi. It is a well-maintained building and is very efficiently taken care of by the caretakers. The experience gathered at such a beautiful ancient place rejuvenates one’s mind, body and soul.

मंगलवार, 27 दिसंबर 2011

Sarnath to meet Akhata Village!

A team of students led by Prof Mridula Jaiswal of Archaeology Department, Banaras Hindu University, is excavating in Aktha village to disclose its relation with Sarnath. She may have been excavating for the few days but has been researching on this relation for a long time.

“It is intuition but logical one, which makes you confident about the place to be excavated”, Jaiswal asserts. 

She shows two places in the village, which are being excavated by her team consisting of her students with herself. Having excavated for a plenty of metres, she got several evidences to prove her intuition as logical one. Pottery of different periods, which is got from the burial, proves to be the a thing that is all time favourite and all time necessity of the people. It is in red colour but in various shapes. Some coins of various designs have also been found from the soil. They themselves tell the story of their periods.

The layers on the walls of the excavated area are also a measure of chronological order. Different layers mark out different periods of time. The red coloured bricks demonstrate a periods of time rather different than black ones. It means, red colour bricks were used in a different period and black colour bricks were used in a different one.

“The age of stones are determined by carbon-14”, Jaiswal adds. She is quite confident about the 'soil-relation' of Sarnath with Akhata village. If she becomes successful in searching the facts of Buddha period from the soil, she would like to go ahead with some more metres of excavation so that she could be acquainted with some more past centuries sleeping in the historical soil.