सोमवार, 30 नवंबर 2009

Characters- Sensational Svelte

Another special day and another special character!
Shakespeare once said beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Well, sorry the great man but having seen this sensationally eye-catching girl one can’t but differ. Beauty may lie in the eyes of beholder but in this specific case it simply lies in the object beheld.
She is slim in a graceful way. With her doll-like appearance, she appears tailor made for being a perfect cover picture for those vintage romantic novels from the golden Victorian age. Sleeping is her favourite pastime. And one more thing she possesses one of the most gracefully artificial smiles ever known in the human civilization.
Presenting before you the ever-expressive (artificial though-joking) and ever-smiling girl – Ms Shrabani Mukherjee –the action packed doll (as Payel once described her during the first semester c-104 practical exam- remember the session where we were divided in a pair of 2 n asked to introduce each other alternatively).
Shrabani(literally meaning someone who is born during the pious month of Shravana- a month especially popular among Hindus for its association with lord Shiva) aka Guddu (literally meaning doll) initially came to me as someone very reserved and with a tinge of conceit. But soon I realized her gregariousness and acceptance for others as well.
Working with her during the on-line journalism workshop was a real fun and learn (one of the best groups I ever was the part of). Such was the comfort level among three of us (with the evergreen Raghu being the third member of the group) that even when we were burdened with an oodles of work (comparatively studying 6 different websites, conceptualizing an e-zine , perusing reports on tsunami and that too within a short span of 5 to 6 hours) we hardly panicked and eased our way through the presentation which was a smashing hit.
A hard-core bibliophile, Shrabani can never be seen without books. Any fine day you ask her what she has been up to? - The answer will always be the same- engrossed with a novel. Her grip on English literature and supple understanding of human relations make her a much-wanna-be-talked person.
Her takes on women-centric issues are bold and outright. She, for sure, doesn’t appear one of those girls who can be easily swayed to accept the patriarchal set norms of society.
On a lighter note, Shrabani is all celebration and sport. She is always geared up for party and sight-seeing. Though at times she does appear dismal (can’t figure out why but she constantly goes through such animation-less period once in a while), most of the time she is always in the best of her celebratory mood.
She is a bit of prankster too (once she nearly coaxed me into believing that she had once tested octopus-meat. Such was the vivid and apt descriptions that for a second I was in complete awe of her). Now coming back to her smiles (my favourite) and expressions, there is a bit of uniqueness attached to them. Every sentence that she utters brings with it a touch of expression (like if u ask her did u eat mutton yesterday? Her answer can never be a simple yes or no. it will always be delivered with dawdle or a certain movement of neck and of course a big griiiiiiiiiiiin).
Keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May the world bask in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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