रविवार, 29 नवंबर 2009

In The Name of POLOTICS


“I had fond associations with this place and I always wanted to be here until recently, a week ago, when I was openly threatened by some Marathi Manoos, I realized that it’s not mine, not any more since I wasn’t born here and I don’t speak Marathi. I belong to another part of the nation that apparently lives on Mumbai, in Mumbai and in the future, for Mumbai.
It hardly matters that after spending about five years in this city, should I choose to stay here longer or should pack my bags and go back to the part of the nation that is meant for North Indians without any Marathi infiltration.. The mere thought of going for a leisurely walk strangulates me.
The name theory makes me more cautious every time I would ask for a railway ticket over the ticket counter. You never know, the moment I ask, “Bhaiya, ek VT (instead of CST) return dena” and the guy from behind the counter would jump out of the window to beat the black and blue out of me. I don’t know if it might actually happen but Mr. Thackrey made me believe, in all possibility, it just could.”

You must be thinking that these words may come only from that chap’s mouth who is not Marathi Manoos and residing in Mumbai not BOMBAY, ooopppss! Yes, you are absolutely right…Last night, this guy, basically from Lucknow, called me up and shared this incident with me which compelled me to raise this issue through this blog and to make it as my first post..
It’s not only XXX (name will not be disclosed) who got his illusion shattered. There are many others strangled in the city that once used to be the city of dreams and now is the city of dreaded nightmares for someone who doesn’t belong there. And, these nightmares will haunt them, everytime they go for grocery shopping, pay the technically correct fare to rickshaw wallah, come late to their flat(homes never exist there), ask for tickets, get in a bus and so on and so forth. There is always a threat swirling around their mind.
Each citizen has a constitutional right to settle and travel anywhere in the country (except some sensitive areas). But that regionalism has been growing is not a fact that can be ignored either. There is a disconnect somewhere in the fabric of the nation that the politicians have not only failed to address, but have now perhaps started to exploit for their selfish gains. But despite these arguments, is Thackeray right in what he is propagating?

On November 26, 2008, when his (Raj Thackeray) Maharashtra had been attacked, where were he and his mumbaikar gundaas? He should have stepped in himself to save the city that he claims to be that of only TRUE MUMBAIKARS and he was quiet, just because the people were foreign nationals or because he can fight only with innocent people not with the terrorists? He opens his mouth when he wants to play GANDI RAJNEETI and run to make a political issue out of that..Abusing and Threatening is not politics..In many other speeches he has abused, threatened north Indians and Biharis but Mumbai police did not take any concrete steps towards him. But if someone is writing against him Mumbai police is immediately taking action.

I don't agree if someone says Raj Thackeray should be killed...no we don't have the authority or right to say this...by "we" I mean all Indians...and nor does we have any right to say that we will attack someone...that we will beat Biharis on breakfast, lunch and dinner...whether it is President of India or whether it is a common man residing in anywhere in India, no body has the right to say things like this as per the constitution I know...but here we have Mr. Raj Thackeray who has been saying things like this and not just him, there are many MNS supporters are spewing venom against Non Marathi People, there are many who have abused Lalu and other north Indian leaders but the same police is not taking any action, at least I have not read any news regarding this. Why? So I fail to understand why no action is taken against them. Isn't this going to create doubts in mind that government and police are with Raj Thackeray?
I believe in the years to come, we will experience a civil war, or even worse we might even need Tourist Visas or Work Permit to step into Maharashtra.
Why all this happening, in the name of Language, State or POLITICS?

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