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characters-lady imperious

hi friends, frm today onwards i m going to start a series of personal opinions on different individuals from our batch (2008-10).
so, let's begin.
the first individual that i m going to talk about is the one whom i interacted first here at the department.
it was 16th of july 2008-the day of councelling. amidst the pattering of rain,a bunch of young faces was siiting inside a hall. with the prospect of being anointed a media student all set to become a reality, the would-be menbers of BHU mass comm family were all involved in an intense chirping. soon, a set of papers was brought on with the 'man in red'( one of the department official, guess who it could be)asking for a quick completion of all these formalities(admission in this part of the world is one of the most cumbersome activities as it involves the filling-ups of at least ten different forms and then standing at the tip of yor toes for hours while submitting fees at jampacked counters)
well, it was during this act of filling-up of admission form that i received sm word of advice from this wonderful human being (i was grappling with some of the clauses mentioned in the form when she-yes she is a girl-extended the much-needed verbal wisdom).
cut to november 2009. it's almost one year and 4 months sicee we have been here at the department.
and the girl is now an apple of everyone's eyes.
she and her scooty(which she rides with elan and of course with the blue-eyed kancha frm hilly lands of kaathmandu sitting behind) is now an integral part of departmental folklore.
a strict disciplinarian,her strong 'stands' serve as the inspiration for lesser willed mortals.
guess who is she?
by now, most of you must have figured her out.
if not, let me dispell the suspense.
the name is shilpa- shilpa rai.
shilpa comes to me as someone with well-defined grace and strong beliefs in her decisions. never have i seen her wilting under pressure of any kind-internal and external included. her pasona is akin to the revolutionary path of sun. like sun, she functiones well within her properly marked out territories of dignity and self-control.
she never appears wishy-washy. like the energy-emanating sun, she is always assured of actions she undertake, never shy of letting an individual know if he/she is going wrong. she is a point-blank talker and i must say because of this she sometimes have to face ego-tiffs with other individuals(as in today's world we are so adept at hearing everything goody-goodies that an objective comment is always taken up as an insult).
at times, she is dubbed arrogant too (here i must mention, only a person who is not familiar with various facets of her life can 'dubb' her so). but, spend some quality time with her and you come to know about her humility and down-to-earth approach to the life.
an avid fan of swish ace roger federer, she is someone with a bagful of love and affection for ground issues. talk to her and the first impression you get is that she is against glitz and glamour of all forms and is sensitive to the social and economical discriminations some certain sections of society are forced to undergo. for me, it is her this 'imperious gaze' (directed at the dazzles of modern day india) that stands out and makes her one of the most endearing characters.
3 cheers for shilpa!

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  1. i came to this dptt rather late...on the 1st of august to be very precise.now before i say anything else, i wanna make an honest confession..i was very sceptical about interacting with anyone in the class.kasturi was one person whom i had met on the day of our admissn.i used to speak only with her.so atleast for the first month, i had not interacted much with shilpa.it took me a few group assignments to know this strong-willed girl well.now that i know her pretty well(at least, i think so), i completely adore her for taking her own stand, no matter what.she is one of the best decision-makers of this entire batch.once she decides to do something,come what may,she does it.the best part of it all is that i have always seen her take stands for the right thing.another thing,its fun to work with her.more so because shilpa always comes up with some or the other innovative suggestion and is also open foe advices....oh i missed out on another thing.m always in awe of shilpa's general awareness.
    Aah...rightly said by ankit,shilpa's imperious gaze stands out and makes her one of the most endearing characters.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  2. aah..im really amazed by wat my frnds ve said abt me..its nice to hear gud thngs abt self na..gvs an ego boost..
    thnx ankit fr writing abt me..n also fr gvng me d honour of bng the frst person 2 b written abt..(as it ws my bdy wen ds idea struck him..rt ankit..!)
    n thnx payel ..ankit n payel r 2 ppl i ve worked wd in group mst of the tym..wenevr i ws assignd a grp..eithr ankit or payel were thr..it ws alwes a relief to wrk wd dem..cz thy r alwes ready to do ne wrk..i ve never seen dem shirk ne wrk..up in arms fr ne deadline..:)).. n alwes cmng up wd innovative ideas..way 2 go guys..
    i cnt stnd ppl who dnt cum on tym..n more oftn thn not ppl dnt value tym..alwes late..but payel n kasturi r 2 ppl in calss who r alwez on tym..hey payel i really lyk ur bng punctual..nt mny ppl ve ths quality..(thy neither ve respect fr their tym nor fr others..)..
    ds blog hs gvn me an ego boost as thr r nly gud thngs abt me..nthng bad.i wd tl sm..i lose my temper (read mind) at d drop of hat..nt an iota of patience ve i got..
    newys thnx ankit..thnx payel..

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  3. hee hee....i know shilpa, its alwz nice to hear gud thgs abt oneself.but none of d thngs dat i'v written r to flatter u.dey r true to d bst f my knowledge n u dnt need to thank either me or ankit for havng written the truth. :)
    i echo ur dislike 4 latecomers.even i cnt stand dem one bit.
    hey ur virtues outnumber ur shortcomings shilpa.so dnt thnk mch abt dem ;)
    now lets jst kp a watch on dis blog n wait for ankit's nxt article.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  4. very true, m also wid u ankit and payel...
    a true observant, i must say...
    one more thing i would like 2 add here dat she is is vry undrstndng n givs gud soln 2 probs n yaa one can rely on shilpa... she empathizes with others problem and this quality makes her different from others...
    she is very intellectual n has good grip on each field.you just come up wid any topic wheteher it is politics, sports or anyhting, shilpa will be ready wid her strong logical viewpoints...

    उत्तर देंहटाएं