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Is your next- to- door neighbour an Alien?

Recently, scientists from Bulgaria proposed a hypothesis saying aliens had been living with us-the earthly denizens- since time immemorial and even today they had their presence in our world. Published in the in-house journal of Bulgarian Science Academy, the report went on to claim that the extraterrestrial beings are ubiquitous here on the earth and one needs only an ever-alert set of eyes and ‘that extra sense and urge’ to be able to ‘decipher’ them and kick off the interaction.
Well, far-fetched as it may sound, the theory can not be outrightly belied. Scientists for long have been vouching for the acceptance of aliens’ presence on earth in primitive and during the early developmental phase of civilizations across the globe. Erich Von Danikin, the controversial Swiss author who boasts of penning some of the most popular books of this genre like The Chariots of the Gods (1968), The Return of the Gods (1997), The Arrival of the Gods (1998) and History is Wrong (2009) firmly believes that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and has entered the cosmic dimension of solar system in past. To substantiate his hypothesis, he refers to the evidence of gigantic monuments built across the world at a time when technological skill of human race was almost zero. Erich says the creation of tall structures like the pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge and statues of Easter Island was effected either by visiting aliens or by the human beings having learned the required technological skill from their intellectually superior guests.
Erich is not alone. There are several others who propose similar arguments. Take this for instance- a close examination of customs and religious texts of various civilizations-extinct or still existing- have the reference of some kinds of air and space vehicles (the Hindu scriptures are full of such descriptions like Pushpak Viman) and strange looking creatures appearing out of the blue and being accepted as gods for their inhuman abilities and intellectual superiority. Sumerian texts describe one of their gods as an eagle-faced god whose abode is said to have been among stars. Similarly we have in Hindu mythologies an avalanche of gods whose place of residence is thought to be somewhere in aakash(sky) or antariksha(space) – a clear indication of them having some extraterrestrial connections.
Another argument that can be put forward to back up the existence of aliens is concerned with the theory of evolution. No matter, what proofs Charles Darwin has of vindicating the slow gradual descent of life from non-life and from animal to man, the theory is somewhat flawed as it fails to explain the development of human mind. Among all forms of life, small and huge, developed and their much-developed version (such as; small fish and their micro version the blue whale), only human beings are endowed with the cerebral intelligence. Why not others?
A Darwin will immediately refers to the gradual development of a group of forest-living monkeys into full-fledged men whose anatomy is still somewhat similar to that of guerillas and chimpanzees- two of the refined versions of monkeys. The question that remains unanswered is why only a specific segment of monkeys and why not others?
The scientific experiments have proved that even the best of the conditions and environment can not help a guerilla or a chimpanzee transform itself into a complete human.
So, what do all these point to?
Who were the ultimate creators of human race? Maybe aliens- a bunch of extraterrestrial species whose advancement of science must have been well hundred years ahead of present day humans? Well, this can be a proposition – the scientifically-equipped aliens landed on the earth and by means of genetical engineering manipulated genes of a specific group of monkeys whom they found intellectually superior of other life forms(on earth ) and very close to them in appearance. The ever-developing human race may be the result of this ‘manipulation.’
Hard to believe? Tough to accept?
Well, nothing to lose sleep over. It’s just one of the hypothesis like many others we have regarding the evolution of life on earth and the evolution of galaxy itself and of course the existence of god and of ghosts.
Let’s wait for the moment when this tied thread of mystery is unspooled. Till then, continue your quest to discover aliens. Who knows when and where you happen to bump into one. As the Bulgarian scientists vouch for their presence on earth, what about your next-to-door neighbor turning out to be an extraterrestrial being? Rush before he or she disappears………………………………………………………
Best wishes!

n.b.- the views expressed here are personal opinions of authors and one needs not to take any kind of offence. The author can be contacted on iconoclast.oz@gmail.com – in case of any query or suggestion.

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  1. hey ankit..gr8 work..!!! absolutely fantastic..im not mch into extra terrestrial thng..n ds is d frst time i ve devoted so mch time in readng sth about ET's..my nly knowledge about ET's remain cnfined to tht muvee of steven splbrg..ET..(wtch it guys..its smply amazing..i stl remeber i howled wn et ws leavng earth..:(((..n whsd he wd stay bak..bt alas..splbrg uncle hd othr plans..)..
    i wsh d theory propounded by bulgarian scientsts cum true 1 f9 day..it wd b nice to ve ET's as neighbours..(waise im fed up of vng homo sapiens as neighbours..:P mayb ET's wd prove to be a b8r neighbours..im sure of it waise..)..watsay..??
    im a fan of ur gr8 observatnal power..n gr8er ability to pen dem down..so perfectly..
    here is wshng dt we r able to establish cntacts wd aliens..cheers..!!!

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  2. interesting sets of theories i must say....i do not buy all of it though...now saying sthg like the gigantic monuments of d wrld being built "either by visiting aliens or by the human beings having learned the required technological skill from their intellectually superior guests" is rather absurd...the theorists jst cant rule out the hard wrk n labour dat wnt into their being built, so blatantly...
    the report also suggests that xtratrrstrials r ubiquitous on earth!!!!now dis sounds really really intrstng.it wud b so mch fun 2 hv aliens sittng nxt 2 u in class or going out for a movie wid ur alien frnz...ha ha..m waitng 4 sch a day wid my fngrs crossd.
    watevr d hypothesis hs 2 say abt aliens being d ultimate creators of human race, may or may not b true.dunno...but it sounds like a sequence straight outta sm hollywood sci-fi flick!!!!!seriously....vry amusing ;)
    well d thought of hvng aliens as ur nxt door nghbrs is xitng u kno :D :D imagine bumping in2 an alien nghbr of urs in d elevator,who offers u a lift in hs hi-tech car,designed by hs cmmnuty!!!!
    all in all...a splendid effort ankit.i mst cngratulate u 4 it.m at one wid what shilpa hs 2 say abt ur writng skills...how do u manage 2 describe thgs so vividly?????mst hv learnt al of it 4m ur ET frnz!!!!hv u?
    u sure hv a brilliant future ahead...way 2 go buddy :) :)

    उत्तर देंहटाएं