सोमवार, 7 मार्च 2011

Need, Comfort & Luxury @ 65

How can one just define need, comfort and luxury? It’s really very tough, but I have a simple definition to observe “Onion, Petrol & Beer @ Rs. 65”. Now, I hope one must have understood what I meant by need, comfort and luxury all three at the same price. Onion the central character of even have not’s meal preparation plays a major role in keeping inflation at control, or in short in nonsensical price rise of other food products. In this situation how will people cut out their minimum needs and keep murmuring instead of shouting. No wonder to keep silence and wait for months advise has been given non other than our responsible agro chief Sharad Pawar. He says he doesn’t know when the prices of the food products will come down and nowhere responsible for the onion price hike. He was true, what he didn’t mean by saying this was he only was solely not responsible, there are more to blame upon. Great, is his thoughts; he should not be disturbed because he has his onion in his court. He was right with his observation that natural conditions were the ones responsible for ruining the vegetation and not he. So actually he wasn’t responsible for taking preventive measures. Let it be, why to waste my time on him, rather I should do some “Jugad for my onion”.

Oh… now comes the comfort. Comfort for me is waking up late in the morning. Not going to office, watching television the whole day, in the meanwhile being served hot coffee and snacks, which again includes onions. But let’s just not start onion mandi again. Hmm….so comfort is all about riding a car or a super bike with sufficient fuel in it. The way the prices of comfort are raising, I think I need a job switch, it means every time the price of petrol rises I need to look for a new job. Cool, petrol’s mahima is really great. Even if you cannot afford you have to pay. Nowadays, when I step out of my house and head towards office, I decide to go green and prefer walking, contributing my part to stop global warming. Even when you travel long distances you have to take support from your vehicle that doesn’t eat onion but fuel.

Generally, during weekends we go gala party, and party without drink is like bathroom without water. Oh…bathroom without water is still manageable but party without beer is not. Anyway, so hear is luxury in or way, to rock your world. Don’t know much about beer because haven’t tasted it till now. But as heard from people no beer no cheer and therefore no jeer.

So, we stand with the most incredible example of need, comfort and luxury with the same price at once. @ Rs. 65.

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