गुरुवार, 3 मार्च 2011


I am still standing at d street where u left my hand!
trying to catch ur shadow which is running out like sand!
the corner of d eye hs dried up shedding tears!
but d heart is still moist n filled wid fears!
i left everythng n ran at ur every call!
n nw u made sepration made stand b/w us like a wall!
my life was stucked n nights went sleeplees!
i tried too hard to settle but all in a mess!
my heart was sinking n my feelings dried!
my trust in u went splitting n cried!
but one fine morning i woke n realized!
frever being together d love ws sacrificed!
may b u r far n ur emotions i can't see!
but ur voice shows d luv n care u hv fr me!
i m so glad dat ur explainations were so straight!
luv cn subside but frndshp will alwz b great!

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