गुरुवार, 25 मार्च 2010

What are we!!!!!

What are we.  This damn question is haunting me ever since i landed up here.  The soul thing that's been the USP of this department is criticizing.  All we do is to blame others for our fault/inefficiency.  I mean we are future journalist, as far as concerned, then why not we do what we are supposed to.  There are  lots of unwanted things going on around us, towards which we can draw attention of the society.

Take for example, felling of trees inside B.H.U campus.  During past few months several trees have been chopped down in order to build up new structures.  All this being done under the banner of so called DEVELOPMENT.  Why developing on the cost of such valuable asset.

Another thing that can be brought up is the quality of education that's been served in this esteemed institution.  Most of the departments lack even proper structure to carry on with their specificities.  All they have is a bunch of students, sometimes insufficient faculty and rotten benches.  Student come in this prestigious university and what they get here is a long and tiring lesson of patience. Over the time period of their courses they become master in the art of saying " arrey sab chalta hai yaar, hone do jo ho raha hai, hume kya hai degree lo aur chalo." This very thing they carry throughout their lives wherever they go.

Leave aside them, they are common people. Why in the world we stopped questioning things.  I mean thats the part of our job right. I ask all my batch mates and seniors to wake up and do what we are entitled for.

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