मंगलवार, 19 जुलाई 2011

The Experience of my Internship ........in brief...

Internship is a great way to improve the personality of the person. I have done the internship in an NGO and Print Media in Lucknow and Bhopal,respectively. These places are the heart cities and capital of their sates. One is well known for its Nawabshahi(Lucknow) and other one is for its beauty of nature(Bhopal). I have done my work one month in each. After going through all the days which I have spent to earn these"precious wealth" I think there should be some processes to give such a chance to the students of any department or any course. I feel proud that I am the part of such a glorious Institution and enlightened Head of Department. I want to say thanks to all the people who are the part of the journey of my internship. My seniors, super seniors and my batch mates who helped me a lot in my bad situation. Last but not the least I want to say thanks to my Head of Department who always be in the first row to improve the knowledge as well as the personality of the students.

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