सोमवार, 17 जनवरी 2011

Corruption- The Blood Sucking Leech

When we talk about corruption it doesn't only mean taking bribe. corruption includes a whole lot of things within it's fold. When the moral of an individual is gone corruption intrudes. Well in the recent past we have seen an overflowing GDP never achieved before. great is our economist mastero Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who led the GDP to rise from ground to roof, reached up to sky would really be an exaggeration. However this GDP bound economic growth of the country brought many imminent leaders (Politicians) from all over the world to our doorsteps. What for, have you ever thought what compelled the strongest person of the earth say ' JAI HIND' . The person who publicized himself as the icon of change is now in serious trouble as his country is going through deep economic recession. So someone was at our door steps to beg and we being indians emerging from great cultural background could not refuse. Hmm...this really incites me and with proud I pat my back. But invain when I think about 2-G, CWG, Adarsh scam, etc,.

Corruption is that intruder, who with it's attractiveness and charisma can make you blind and fall in it's trap. So what if Raja and kalmadi are being blamed for the charges of corruption, they too are a victim of this sexy intruder. How can someone allege only them, when the whole system is corrupt. It's like a blood sucking leech which can't be removed by salt, because yet now no such salt is available on the market. Our culture ridden society has rapidly moved to the corruption ridden society. Voluminous sums of money have been involved in such scams which have not been consumed by any individaul but the whole section working for the purpose. Does it matter do people? Why are we making such a hue and cry on the inflation and the price rise and are quite on the matter of punishing the corrupts. The simple reason is we are one among them, among the blood sucking leech's. Don't the readers think this price is all because of these fradulent activities which claimed the hard earned money of the lower and middle section of the society.

Anyways, whenever, whereever you thought ill for others and tried to harm them you were not only being selfish but corrupt too. What conclusion can be drawn from such a boring discussion is that people will never speak against any atrocities being inflicted on them, simply because it doesn't matter to them. They have enough of blood and don't mind loosing some. concludingly, it doesn't matter because they don't care whatsoever.

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