शनिवार, 10 जुलाई 2010

Prophecy Unleashed

Besides the fever injected by the FIFA world cup series there is a parallel yet more effective craze enthralling people around the world.  Yeah you are right its the prophecies made by the one of its kind and the very first 8-legged babaji "Paul".  Out of the 12 predictions that he made so far 11 came to be true eventually.  Now the whole world is looking at him for some more and lo and behold he predicted Spain as the favorite for the title.  How much he can hold this time we'll know on 11th of July when the ball will roll.  But the basic discussion that this phenomenon gave birth to is, that even though we boasts ourselves to be technically and scientifically superior than our ancestors,  yet to our very core we are still bounded by the fear of future.  We some how just want some one to tell us what our future holds.  Every time we go to roadside babaji or a palmist or animals like Paul which in our country our replaced by parrots picking on cards to know the outcome of our steps.  And we can't say that only the less educated and backward people are more into it, because we have examples of the so called modern well educated superior persons holding on to such things.  The thing is not that we believe in fact the truth is that deep down we know no one has the key to the future, even then we run to get some.  As big as it could be, real question is why the prophets (so called) aren't able to predict their own future and change it. The answer is they can't as they are not Bruce Almighty, they are just like us.  This is one long discussion that has been going on for decades, yet it cannot end  because of the inherent human fear of the  future.  All we can do at this time is to see what future holds for Paul baba himself, as now he faces a competitor an Indian Prophet Mani baba.


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