शनिवार, 10 जुलाई 2010

Summer Sleep

A lot of animals around the world follow a pattern in their life.  They either go for hibernation (winter sleep) or aestivation (summer sleep).  This helps them in rejuvenating their body organs, growth and all that will help them in their further survival.  We the humans on other side don't have any such thing.  We go for a 12 month work cycle neglecting our survival needs.  This is the major cause of various kinds of stresses, ailments and various other dysfunctions.  Then we run towards faster ways of improvement so that we can keep ourselves in the RAT race.  Its time for us to stop and take some moments off of our busy schedule and rejuvenate our inner core.  I mean take examples of the tribes that are left and are unperturbed by the outer world.  They always chalk out space for recreation, redemption and in knowing the very nature we live in.  They have better ways of fighting breakdowns we encounter everyday.  This is all because they believe in the concept of aestivation or hibernation and they follow.


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