गुरुवार, 7 जनवरी 2010

It Hurts.......................................

Life, they say is the most beautiful gift to mankind. Agreed and I must add by the same token, most complex and tumultuous too. Before we go further let me make it clear that by life I do not mean a mere process of taking birth. For me, it refers to the span of time one is both physically and cerebrally active on this whirling ball.
Now if you are asked what makes one's life i.e. the most gifted possession of human race, enjoyable, each of u can have your own version. Some may say money. Some will go for love. Yet some vouch for a well-defined goal and being able to work towards accomplishing it.
Well, all these hold water. But, there is another dimension left which forms the bedrock of this enjoyment. In my personal humble opinion, it is the level of trust, comfort n camaraderie we have with a set of people who really matters in our life. They(the set of people)can be our family members, friends(of both past n present),someone from our working group(even though a professional one), teachers, mentors, competitions........................in nutshell, they are the ones who share an emotional bond of deep affinity with us as somehow, our frames of reference match.
They are the ones we always look up to when we are in a moment of crises, indecision, disturbance......and any other disheartening happening of ilk nature. A mere look at them dispels the agony n despair we have gone through as their presence induces care, support n a soothening touch of compassion. No matter how heartbroken we are, we feel like talking to them for they understand us and are bound to make us feel comfortable n cared for.
Now imagine, someone of this dil-ke-kareeb (close to heart) frame spurning, neglecting or giving cold shoulders when we need them most?
How does it feel?
It hurts...........................doesn't it?
Of course, it does. None can gainsay it. It, infact, becomes palpably disturbing when the person who does it has no apparent reason/reasons vindicating his/her hostility. It, then, sinks us into a whirlpool of introspection as we fail to reach any definite conclusion. This even takes the form of agony as we begin to regularly doubt our wisdom and ability to understand human minds. If not controlled, there is every chance of sinking further into the abyss of skepticism as we tend to search for negatives in every other relation we are part of.
The solution, as I see, lie in the understanding of life itself. Life is analogous to continuous flow of an ocean. An ocean traverses huge distances but the depth of water is not same everywhere. It varies. It even goes through various weather conditions, gives shelter to varied species providing them best of facilities and taking almost nothing in return.
We too must let our life flow like that. No expectation, no feeling of animosity even after being hurt both viscerally and mentally……………and so on and so forth……………………..
Easier said than done………………………………….
Well, these aforementioned philosophical lines can make great essays but in reality can’t have an embalming effect,because life, for all its vicissitudes, is simply not comparable to the flow of an ocean. It’s human and therefore can only be defined in terms of human qualities.
One is bound to feel hurt when being hurt. And that’s reality as well as actuality……………….No half-measures……………….Bear with it………………That’s life………………And of course it hurts………………….

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  1. ankit..agn u ve dn a gr8 job of writng on a topic lyk lyf n pain associated wd it..(it cms 4 free nhi..get lyf n thn get a free gft..pain...)nw jokes aside...wrds cnt define lyf..n no m8r wht..we cnt disociate ourselves frm pain..ppl say..we shd muv on..ds too shl pass..n we mst let our lyf flow..its easier said dn done..its mch easy 2 preach thn prctc..we cnt remain unafected by d pain whch cms as v muv on in lyf..or rthr muv ahead..bt thn we dnt ve mch option nah..thn to bear it..
    well i rd smwhr..god grant me d serenity to accept wt i cnt chnge..courage 2 chnge wt i cn n d wisdom to knw d difrnce..so lyk ds in lyf v ve to acpt crtn thngs..it mayb pain..kyun..??thr r smthng we smply cnt chnge..lyk othr ppls behaviour n atitude twrds ourselves..so y nt acpt it n muv ahd in lyf..rthr dn rue ds fact..it wl b painful bt thr is nt mch we cn do abt othrs..watsay..??
    d best is nt to expct mch frm ppl..bt thn bng humans ds is also nt posible..so wt we cn do is to acpt thngs (d 1s v cnt chnge n go ahead..!!!)..as thy r..
    wd lyf cms pain..as lng as 1 lives..1 hs to bear d burden of pain..thr is no way 1 cn hide 4m it..u live nly once..(happily or sadly)..so 3 cheers..to our lives..:))

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  2. Anything is living bcoz it gets hurt!life can never be as smooth as the flow of ocean bcoz life is not the water of the ocean but like the shores of ocean who holds the ocean but can never meet. this separation creates pain n this pain is bound to hurt.if u r humane, u'll always have expectations wid ppl n wid life in every step. the solution is not to avoid pain but to face it bcoz i makes u feel wat happiness, togetherness,love, care, friendship and unity is all abt. one can't distinguish between love and betrayal if one is never betrayed , that is life, all abt get hurt and learn a lesson fr future......but we r still d same dude u know why bcoz we ppl blindly love life and all its dimensions.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं