सोमवार, 30 अप्रैल 2012

My Internship Days

The days when I first experienced the entire structure of the organizations related to the field I sought my career in… The days when I first observed the ins and outs of the work culture of those organizations… The days when I first became the part of those organizations… In short, “My Internship Days” (May-June 2009)…
Hindustan Times, Varanasi (May 2009)
“Welcome to the world of HT”. These were the words of the in charge of Hindustan Times, Varanasi, on the first day of my internship with the bureau office. He ensured proper guidance and cooperation to me from him and other members of the team HT, Varanasi. The first day meeting with him boosted up my confidence but the things were not so easy. Actually, they didn’t have enough time to spend with interns. Interns were not allowed even to come in the office regularly. They could talk to the concerned person, only if they had something concrete about the assignment story allotted to them. Again, the concerned persons were too busy to talk to interns. I was asked to work on the HT city and most of my work was related to field activities.
According to the in charge of the bureau office, about all of my stories done were sent to the regional office but he was not able to explain what happened to those stories after that. He said that they liked those stories. However, I never got a chance to see them on the white paper. They had the same excuse, “We sent them but publishing would be decided by the concerned persons sitting in the regional office.”
Sahara Samay, Lucknow (June 2009)
It turned to be a rocking time while working with Sahara Samay, Lucknow. In the proper guidance of experts of the field, I learned many aspects of electronic media, during my internship with the bureau office. I went to around 20 shoots, wrote scripts on every shoots, learned in the studio about the working of various equipments like camera, lights and audio-visual mixture, among other things, sent feeds to the head office, coordinated the production work, had the idea of the working of distribution as well as marketing departments and finally submitted my project report.
The bureau chief and other crew members always appreciated me for the stories done by me. He appreciated me saying, "I would have liked to give some extra marks for the work you have done here". Other senior reporters expressed their happiness about taking me to shoots with them and appreciated me for the scripts on the shoots I wrote.
These were the days when I first felt the whole working atmosphere of the organizations of journalism field… Overall, I had a superb experience during “My Internship Days”…

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