बुधवार, 21 मार्च 2012

When I Was a Kid………...........

Sometimes I think what the most thrilling wish was for me, when I was a kid. Simply, I was waiting to grow up. I never knew what the struggles of life were all about. What I knew was just to do the class-work/homework given by school, to eat, to sleep and to play. Life was easy like air. There was no stress of marks, no tension of job and no need to think about future but there was a thought that when would I be a grownup?

I used to think that when I become a grownup, I will get some extraordinary powers that only a grownup can possess. I never thought of the responsibilities that are possessed by the grownups. It was only in my youth when I came to know that big powers always come with big responsibilities.

One’s childhood is the most precious time to build one’s physical and mental traits. It’s all about getting the basic personality by oneself. But that is the time when you don’t know how does this happen. When you actually realized the process, it is already your youth. Before that you are not mature enough to understand these valuable moments of your life.

Today, when I look back, I realize that the youth that is ready to come is always waited by a child but the childhood that has gone can only be thought of but never be got back. We always have time to seek what we don’t have but we never have it enough to observe the value of things that we already own.

Cheers for our childhood.....……..

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