मंगलवार, 13 मार्च 2012

It’s All About Varanasi…............

Varanasi, popularly known as Banaras, is considered as one of the ancient cities in the world. It is situated on the bank of river Ganga. Comprising of 84 ghats and innumerable temples, this city is known for its religiosity, culture and diversity. Moreover, bearing Kashi as its ancient name, it is an apple for the eyes of the tourists. That is one of the must visit and most visited tourist place of India.

When you start traveling the city, you never have a chance to miss out any of the places that hold all the capacity to attract tourist from all over the world. Sankatmochan, Manasmandir, Lord Durga and Kashi Vishwanath temples are such amazing attractions of the city. Apart from that, Dashwashamedh, Assi and many more ghats are having their own significance regarding the historical landmarks of not only this beautiful city but also of the whole India and the world itself. Form any of these ghats, you can see the elegant landscape of river Ganga.

BHU, Banaras Hindu University, Asia’s largest university is another milestone in terms of the praise of this wonderful city. Besides, how can we forget the place of peace Sarnath that is also responsible to put more stars in the excellence list of Banaras?

Varanasi is a place that never let you feel that whether you are old or new for it. Furthermore, as soon as you reach it, Banaras starts to grab your attention and you become a fan of it, as soon as you visit it. This is the grace of the marvelous city.

Cheers for Varanasi….......

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