मंगलवार, 27 मार्च 2012

If I were the Prime Minister for a Day……………...............

Once somebody asked me an extremely puzzling question – What would have I done if I had been the Prime Minister for a day?

If I were the Prime Minister for a day, how interesting it sounds. Isn’t it? But how difficult it is to think about and how challenging it would have been if it had become a reality.

India is one of the fastest growing countries of the world. It also shows all the potential to become the most developed country in South Asia. It already is considered as the big brother among all the countries of South Asia.

The Prime Minister’s chair has given space to several persons since 1947, after independence. Prime Minister is the most powerful person of the country, according to the Indian constitution. What actually I could have done for the betterment of the country if I had possessed this powerful post, was a question awfully baffling me.

Despite all the developments and talks about the developments, India as a developing country is facing all the challenges a country of its kind faces largely. India is confronting with all such challenges including high level of population, Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and low per capita income. These all the challenges are directly associated with the cabin of Prime Minister of India.

The first and foremost task of mine as the Prime Minister would have been developing a sound strategy to cope up with the aforesaid challenges. I would also have taken strong steps against the politics of religion, caste, creed and all other factors that are responsible for corruption in government and administration, the most burning issue of these days. I replied to the question in the aforesaid words.

However, I knew that I would not have been the first person to think like that and do like that. Many others who held the position must have tried their best. Still, if I were the Prime Minister for a day I would have done this in my own way.

Think Positive Be Positive………………………..

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