बुधवार, 22 फ़रवरी 2012

Your Life’s Philosophy Drives Making of Your Life’s Story

More than 6 billion people on the earth are different from each other in several aspects. And how would not they be different when they all are born in different environments, survived in different atmospheres, borne different socio-economic backgrounds, even lived different lives. This blesses them with different psychologies which in turn pass on them different philosophies. And one’s life’s philosophy leads the making of one’s life’s story.

6 billion people, 6 billion lives and 6 billion philosophies…….is not a small reason behind the making of 6 billion stories at a time. And why just this 6 billion number to be considered when many multiples of this number has already been the part of the history of the current civilization. Innumerable people, innumerable lives and innumerable philosophies have written innumerable stories only on this earth………if we leave the possibilities of life on other (un)known planet. And if we had explored such possibilities, we would have to put in place many multiples of the innumerability.

However, despite life-size differences in socio-economic-psychological aspects, there are a few stories, in a broad way, revolving around the different creatures of different natures on the great earth. Or say the innumerable life stories can be divided in a few broad categories. Still, which category of stories suits your life’s journey, depends on your life’s philosophy (or on a particular category if you have also broadly categorized innumerable philosophies discovered so far in this great world).

Have a great life……….

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