मंगलवार, 28 फ़रवरी 2012

Planning Needs “Adjustments” Not “Replacements”

Sometimes when you feel things are not going according to your plans, that doesn’t reflect you are a failure in your planning aptitude but it just asks you to place some adjustments in your plans. So, why not you think about placing adjustments and readjustments in your plans instead of replacing them altogether?

The month remained not very productive according to my plans but yes it has been a great learning in terms of achieving my goal. It let me learn some significant processes that I needed to know for the better accomplishment of the objectives set for the big goal. It even brought more clarity and firmness over those core objectives. At the same time, it convinced me to position some important adjustments in the further moves towards the direction of my goal.

It has been mixed results for me this month. May be the output I was looking for is still far from here but yes the certain is that I am now one more step close to that desired output. And the adjustments I am looking to make in my plans will hopefully help me see the most wanted output.

Due to it’s being a leap year, one more day is here for the month…and the day is still remaining…hoping for the best…

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