गुरुवार, 12 जनवरी 2012

Newness Lies in Thoughts: Happy 2012

The new year comes with all the newness in all respects – from the movement of the clock to the changing of calendar – but what is actually new about a new year. Is it the time and date? Yes definitely but what else? Are the air, water, atmosphere, environment, world, earth and universe are all new in a new year, or some of them, which make us feel the newness in life? Or something else? It may be some other thing that is positive or become positive with the beginning of a new period…….creating new hopes………..making new resolutions, expectations or speculations. Yes it is…….and that other thing is our thoughts.

I think, with the beginning of a new period or venture…..we tend to start playing with new ideas. Being fed up with all that crap…….or in polite words words….all that less-productive things we did in the past year, we become more optimistic about the coming time which could help us achieve all that landmarks which we really deserve to come across in this life. So yes….it’s our thoughts which are having all the novelty of the nature. It’s our thoughts which come to make us hopeful, when we are going through a period of depression. And it’s our thoughts which make the coming year have all the potential to bring about a positive change in our life and the world.

With lots of hopes and expectations for the best, we have entered in the year 2012, which is said to be the concluding year of the current civilization. The world ends or remains, will be answered at the end this year. At this moment, we should be optimistic about all the good to be happened in the world in the year 2012.

Let’s welcome the novelty in our thoughts. Let’s welcome the second year of the second decade of the 21st century.

Happy New Year 2012….

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