मंगलवार, 27 दिसंबर 2011

Sarnath to meet Akhata Village!

A team of students led by Prof Mridula Jaiswal of Archaeology Department, Banaras Hindu University, is excavating in Aktha village to disclose its relation with Sarnath. She may have been excavating for the few days but has been researching on this relation for a long time.

“It is intuition but logical one, which makes you confident about the place to be excavated”, Jaiswal asserts. 

She shows two places in the village, which are being excavated by her team consisting of her students with herself. Having excavated for a plenty of metres, she got several evidences to prove her intuition as logical one. Pottery of different periods, which is got from the burial, proves to be the a thing that is all time favourite and all time necessity of the people. It is in red colour but in various shapes. Some coins of various designs have also been found from the soil. They themselves tell the story of their periods.

The layers on the walls of the excavated area are also a measure of chronological order. Different layers mark out different periods of time. The red coloured bricks demonstrate a periods of time rather different than black ones. It means, red colour bricks were used in a different period and black colour bricks were used in a different one.

“The age of stones are determined by carbon-14”, Jaiswal adds. She is quite confident about the 'soil-relation' of Sarnath with Akhata village. If she becomes successful in searching the facts of Buddha period from the soil, she would like to go ahead with some more metres of excavation so that she could be acquainted with some more past centuries sleeping in the historical soil.

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