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The Legend’s Place: Lamhi

Lamhi, the village which became the witness of the birth of the legendary Hindi author Munsi Prem Chand. The village looks just like an ordinary Indian village but became extraordinary due to the name of Premchand who was born here on 31st July, 1880. He died in 1936 and his wife lived here till her death in 1976. 

Premchand’s house in Lamhi is a three storied small but well constructed building. It is opened for demonstration to people who are curious about the life of the noted writer. In the front-side of the airy house, there are two doors and several windows. These were the windows against which Premchand used to sit and see the outside world when he was terribly ill in his last days. The houses are now maintained by the government authorities. A gallery of Premchand’s creations is situated, just a stone throw from the house. Several portraits, demonstrating the biography of the great author with pictorial representation of his stories, are depicted on the wall of the gallery. 

“Many freedom fighters afford their lives for the freedom of the country, and Premchand’s first novel made sacrifice for the noble cause”, says the caretaker of Premchand’s legacy at Lamhi.

The ‘Soz-e-Watan’, Premchand’s first novel was burnt by the Britishers. Premchand died before completing his last novel the ‘Mangalsutra’. His fate did not give him a chance to complete the last creation. His world famous novel the ‘Gaban’ is now the part of a research to find out the reasons of its popularity.

“This is all the work of Premchand, which gave him popularity, and me livelihood”, adds the caretaker, and becomes emotional due to his attachment with his favourite author.

In the legend's memory, the government has sanctioned a huge amount of money to construct a pond near this house. Almost half of the work is completed, and the rest is awaiting some more money from the government. 

The ‘Lamhi’ and the ‘Pousa Ki Raat’, the two novels of Premchand, are based on the same village.

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