बुधवार, 30 नवंबर 2011

On a Boating Trip: Ganges

The definition of one of the ancient cities, Varanasi, is incomplete if we don’t talk about the ghats here. Varanasi is known as the city of eighty-four ghats. Every ghat contains a distinctive feature within itself. 

We took a glance of the beauty of river Ganga, and many of its ghats, when we had chance for a boating trip in the river. We started from Assi ghat and ended with Rajghat as our final destinations before returning. 

The holy river Ganga is the pilgrimage for a number of people, who follow Hindu religion. Ganga flows from south to north. We were flowing in the direction. Meanwhile, we saw how the garbage of whole city is thrown in the holy river. Gangas water is not as safe and clean as it was centuries back. 

We also got acquainted with the specialities of some of the ghats during our trips. Mata Anandmai Ashram is situated at Mata Anandmai ghat. Hanuman ghat is the place where Tamil, Telugu, Kannad and Malyalam languages speaking people reside together. A huge Shiv Temple is situated at Kedar ghat.

Satyajit Ray, the noted film maker shot for his films several times during 1955 to 1975 at the ghats, including Ranamehal ghat and Ahilyabai ghat, which had been the venue for many of his films.

The Manmandir ghat became a destination for us when we made a visit to Manmandir observatory. Our last destination Rajghat is a part of the ancient Kashi. The famous Krishnamurty Foundation and Vasant Mahila Mahavidyalaya are situated at Rajghat. Having visited these places, we turned back to Assi ghat. We returned seeing again all the ghats and recalling the facts and figures we had learned the same day only.

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