सोमवार, 28 नवंबर 2011

In the Heart of Varanasi: Sarnath

It was a pretty cold day when we were roaming in the veins of the heart of the holy city Varanasi. We spent a day in Sarnath.

One of the major attractions of the place, a Buddha temple is situated just a stone throw from the first crossing of Sarnath. Huge gardens, various trees and plants providing elegantly green touch to the campus suddenly catch your eyes.

Apart from this natural beauty, the artistic beauty of the Buddhist pilgrimage is also taken care of, which can be observed suddenly by just entering in the campus. Buddha’s statue provides a unfelt peace to the mind, body and soul.  The walls of the temple are painted with the various portraits of Buddha and his followers whose stories are frequently told in the Buddhist epic. A large range of animals and birds is available in the zoo of the temple.

The aesthetic beauty of the temples lies in the sculptures of Buddha and his four disciples. These statues are installed at the same place where Buddha gave his maiden sermon. There is a tradition to write your wish on small pieces of clothes looking like flags and fasten it with the strings on the walls of that area to make your wish come true.

A huge dome-shaped Buddha stoop is another spot to get your wishes true. People supposed to have their wishes realized if they move seven times round of this stoop. Copper strips are fitted on it to protect the stoop from thunder. We wished to visit there again and move on.

Our next destination at Sarnath was the popular museum. Many Buddha’s statues, swastika, arms and weapons like draggers, swords, axes etc, and other antiques of Buddha’s period are the main contents of the museum. The prime attraction for us was the wheeled shaped stone carved as a huge umbrella. The touch screen computers in every side of museum were telling the technologically advanced of the place and providing the knowledge of the items of the museum in national and international languages.

Another Buddha temple in Sarnath is the live presentation of fresco style of painting. Splendid picture of Buddha is depicted on the wall of the temple. The colourful temple is really soothing to the eyes. The beauty of the lawn in the campus is enhanced in the presence of the fountain here.

Sarnath is always been a fascination place for tourists, whether they are Indian or foreigner. They come here to see the culture, history and of course Buddhism. People like to buy accessories and other decorative items depicting entity of Buddhism.

The roads of Sarnath are well-mentioned and the environment is pollution-free. Many colonies are being constructed in different parts of Sarnath. Now a days, people are seeking a house at a place having a peaceful atmosphere. People of the city are moving in Sarnath to attain a peaceful life far from the cacophony of the main city. We were gratified to make peaceful at least a day of our life, when we were in Sarnath.

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