शुक्रवार, 30 सितंबर 2011

It's not depressing till you are hopeful......

Sometimes it depresses you.......without any reason....or due to many reasons......and u cannot specify the actual reason......but it really depresses you........

Again, only after a period of three months, I have managed to write the blog. The period had neither been much depressing or enthralling for me. But nothing much exciting had appeared, which I would have liked to have shared here.

These days, I find myself packed with my work schedule and all....and having little time for close ones and even for myself. However, I try to stay connected with them via technology. I try to let myself involve in reading books which I would like to read. I try to let myself engage in watching movies which I would love to watch. I try to let myself associate with writing pieces which I would like to write.

For doing all this, I have to face many day-to-day barriers, including time, energy and mood. So, I arrange time, recollect energy and make mood to do at least one of all these things everyday. And someday when one of these things remains missing, I cannot help but to let me be free of the said agenda for that day only. Thinking of those days when I could not manage to do all these things due to some inevitable reasons, I become glad that at least the things are moving now, so what if with a slow pace.

These small things are small steps to reaching my big target. However, some big steps are still out of the frame. I am trying to build my way where I can take these steps.

It's depressing when something deserving to be on the center stage is out of frame. Many doubts, assumptions and things happening around you make it more depressing everyday. And it's hope for the better, which brings you out from the sense of depression each of these days. So, I am hoping that the things will soon be on the boat.

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