गुरुवार, 30 जून 2011

Bridging the Gap..................

I never had taken that much long gap between two blog posts of mine before this three month long period, since i started it writing. I always tried to write at least one blog a month but this time it could not help. I wrote my last blog in the end March and now am writing this one in the end June after gaps in the months of April and May.

The three months long period had never been an easy one. At a point of time, it became a tough nut to crack. With time, I started enjoying the toughness of the nut and learning how to crack it, while the nut started being softer for me with getting me tougher for it.

In April, the first two days been very adventurous....the adventure which never had been felt earlier....rock climbing........river rafting....and born-fire at the moment when India was taking on Srilanka......and so on..... It was an official trip to Rishikesh in Uttrakhand. And we came back totally exhausted. But we did it.

Perhaps, I did not realize that time, it was just a worm-up and the whole work out was still remaining. The work pressure unexpectedly increased. At first, it seemed difficult to stay with that renewed work culture but there was a hope that within days or weeks or months either I will be used-to of it or it will be use-to of me. It did not remain that difficult then because this hope created a motivation, the motivation helped recall the confidence that I am a person who can react differently in different situations and the confidence inspired to take it as a challenge. And I did it.

Still, I don't say that it has become smooth. If situation is under-control, it doesn't mean that you are not under the pressure. But yes, you are now smooth to handle the situation. Long office hours seldom give me a chance to think about the things I love to do, nor they leave some room in my mind for the special thoughts which I would have loved to write in a blog post.

When you have written many news stories in a full day, you may not be comfortable of writing at least one more for yourself, specially when you know it can be avoided. Besides the working fatigue, the daily traveling in a city like Delhi makes you too tire to leave some energy in you to play with the words in black and white terms.

It seems I am trying to search out a line of excuses of not writing a blog post. Isn't it my laziness and ignorance which should be pointed out as the prime reasons. Whatsoever may be the reason of not writing it, but at least the last three month period has been now outlined here in a single blog post.

Just tried to bridge the gap..............

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