सोमवार, 28 फ़रवरी 2011

Let's Fix an Appointment with Ourselves..............

Most of the times in our life, we, the crazy creatures of this great universe, are engaged in doing silly things in our own world. One manages one's precious time for various things to be done day to day. It's interesting but discouraging that one fails to manage some time exclusively for oneself.......one's own time.....where nobody else is allowed. We take it as an unnecessary......a trivial job.....to fix an appointment with ourselves. Ultimately, we miss to meet with ourselves........and miss to know ourselves better.

It's really amazing that people tend to know other creatures with much interest but forget to know themselves, reason being they have no time for themselves. Just close your eyes and try to see the facial image of people you know. Probably, you would find most of the images that you tried to imagine, appeared into your eyes. Now, try to see your own facial image in your closed eyes. It's difficult....very tough....unless and until you are extremely self-obsessed.....Just kidding.... Self-obsession and knowing and seeing one's own image into one's own eyes are two different things. Through this demo, I just want to point out that how much we are far from ourselves.

We generally define the event of loneliness as an negative feeling but slip to identify its positive aspect. It can play a great role in a move to explore ourselves. Loneliness is not just your being alone but an opportunity to spend a few time with yourself. May be it would get you enlightened someday...sometime...at some moment...oh don't take it very seriously...but one thing is worth noticeable that it can let you explore yourself.

Knowing oneself is nowhere less than getting enlightened. It can make one realize the power one possesses. The greatest power of the world does lie within one's own...not in the outside world. Then, let us explore ourselves, besides just exploring others...let us give time to ourselves, in addition to giving time to others...and let us have an appointment with ourselves, apart from other important tasks we do everyday.

Visit yourself..........

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