रविवार, 30 जनवरी 2011

Fresh Cliché of New Season!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first month of every year starts with a newness and a freshness in your ideas but as the time passes, you feel that the new and the fresh is only the calendar, other things are as usual as they were a few days back.

If you analyze the first month of the Year 2011, for an instance, you will feel the depth of the words said above. It's nothing emotional to say, “there is nothing new”, its quite practical. It's all upon us, to take it emotionally or practically. In fact, about any issue, we are the ones who can choose either approach -- emotional or practical -- to deal with it. Which one is to apply, is really a matter of situation around us.

Speaking practically, the month of January was absolutely cold for the North Indians in terms of natural whether. As far as political whether is concerned, the activities were actually hot. All the attempts made by the Government to take the inflation down have gone into vain. Reserve Bank of India has hiked repo and reverse repo rates to rein the mounting inflation. Having been already trapped by tight liquidity situation, India's banking sector has got another reason to raise lending rates, and this time, it is not in a mood to give another rise in deposit rates that were hiked earlier this month.

On the other hand, opposition has taken on the Government on the issue of inflation. Onion field has again become a hot spot to play politics. General public has been practically trapped by inflation, and emotionally touched with onion. Again it depends, people to people and situation to situation, which one to take, practical or emotional approach, inflation or onion issue.

Well, which idea is new and fresh. Inflation is not the first experience of its kind for us as Indians and we are not the only ones who are going through it at this moment. Onion is not a newly-born issue for the country, but it has shown many a colors in the past years. Then, where is the freshness and newness of this season?

See the calender of this year, it's undoubtedly fresh and new.

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