रविवार, 31 अक्तूबर 2010

Big Dreams Vs Small Realities............

I believe in opened-eye dreams and close-eyes realities. I have seen a dream and I am concerned about getting it realized. Its realization is on the way. I am not sure if it is the right direction that I have obtained for my mission. The direction of the dream-realizing-way is guided by the reality. My dream is moving towards the reality-navigated-direction.

The starting point may be too small in comparison with the hight of the big tower of the dream I saw but in this whole algebra, I am quite sure about one thing that the way to the destination is less tougher than my will to reach it. Start from any source……..move towards any direction…….but always make sure that the path is driving you to your destination itself. That is the geometrical framework of realizing your dream. It may demand more time, money and effort in going by this way but none of these small realities is more important than your big dreams.

I always have had big heights of my aspirations but the sky of my small city was too small for those to stand properly. So, I had to move to a big city where my aspirations can get a bigger sky to blossom properly and they got it. But something is missing and that is the earth in the big cities is smaller than that in the small cities. Everything comes with its own uniqueness and everything goes with its own distinctiveness.

This is all the battle of Big and Small………big cities Vs small cities……big sky Vs small earth…….big earth Vs small sly……big dreams Vs small realities……. So, let the battle go on until and unless we get the output i.e. Realization of our Dreams……

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