बुधवार, 29 सितंबर 2010

Recollecting the Missing Strength………….

How tough it would be to stay apart from your home town, you never know in the earlier days of living at a new place. Because in those earlier days you are happy with viewing the new sights, meeting new…not really new…people and taking new experiences. But by the passing of time, you realize that all the things and the people you left back are much precious than any of the moments of this new life. You start missing your valuable moments that you have lived in those good days………….your people…….your family……your relatives…….your friends……..and every thing belonging to your own city…….your home town…………

Such was my own experience with a few days that I have spent in Delhi. The roads and markets of the national capital were really no more glamorous for me then. And the roads and markets of Varanasi were continuously calling me to come and visit them as soon as possible. The schools, colleges and universities of the city where I had devoted the glorious years of my life were determined to see me at once. Then how could have I stopped myself to move to my hometown? I couldn’t stop and did it with taking a leave for a week to visit Varanasi.

Now around a week has been passed. I am rejuvenated, revived, refined and recollected the missing strength. With collecting bundles of enthusiasm, zeal and loads of energy, I am ready to take off for my workplace. Yes, it’s time to take off for Delhi.

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