मंगलवार, 31 अगस्त 2010

An Anxiety to Get Things Settled Down………………………

I know, a long-long time it takes to get the things settled down when you are at a new place. But anxiety to have them settled, remains with you all the while since beginning. Still a relief is that though in a slow motion, at least, a beginning has made.

Is it actually a development? A million dollar question! The answer is not an easy one. It’s baffling for me and for anybody else undergoing the same stage. Keeping pace is not same tough for everybody but it affects, more or less, to all of us when we put ourselves into a new environment. If still you are fighting and making your way, it is, definitely, a development.

A lot is supposed to be done in a lack of time………….a lack seemed to have done in a lot of time…………… Oh! I am confused……… my anxiety lets me think, again and again, how much time will it take to get the things settled down…………

Some adjustments are inevitable if you want to cope up with new situations. New atmosphere, new environment and new world are just determined to see some changes in your life style……..more importantly, your daily routine and so on. I always believe to change the world instead of changing myself with the world. I am stuck to my resolution. But being flexible in life is important for living it smoothly. And it is very true, change is the rule of nature………..

Without changing your personality, just a little bit workout on your attitude and behavior can fetch you more comfort in those new conditions and circumstances. I am learning it all and, as usually, researching on it all. Still again and again, I am confronting with the same question, how much time will it take to get the things settled down?

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