सोमवार, 31 मई 2010

Driven by the Dream...........

After the completion of my tenure as a student of department of Journalism and mass Communication on 30th April, 2010, one thing was sure; my dream was going to take me somewhere else from the city where I had been since birth. I always believed in opened eye dreams and closed eye reality.

For the fulfillment of the dream which I have been seeing since my childhood, I set the goal during graduation and for the achievement of that goal some objectives were constructed after graduation. The first objective was to get admission in Mass Communication course perhaps in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, BHU and then to spend there two years while learning the nitty-gritty of Mass Communication. As the course is completed, first objective is probably successfully achieved.

Now, the same dream take me off to achieve second objective which is to make an entry in the realm of mass communication by getting a job in my choice of metropolitan city, Delhi, the capital and heart of India. After making some initial plans and background of talks for job in 12 days after leaving the department, I moved to Delhi on 13th of May with entering the border of Delhi on 14th of May.

Within this fortnight and all which I spent in Delhi, I tried and have been trying for a job with taking guidance from my contacts staying in the same city and working in the same field. I am also walking on the roads of the national capital to learn the ins and outs of the city which is going to become my workplace in near future. Nothing yet seemed yet to be concrete for the achievement of my second objective. But I am sure, the dream which drove me towards the national capital, will introduce me the way to fulfill itself.

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