शुक्रवार, 30 अप्रैल 2010

From Fresher to Farewell: hi BHU!!! bye BHU!!!

That was the first celebration which we participated in as the students of the department of Journalism and Mass communication. Seniors organized fresher party for us when we were the newcomers in the department and some of us were new even for BHU. This can be seen as the starting point of our journey with BHU.

Many events like workshops, seminars, film festival and of course small trips we enjoyed with our seniors. The first year was really full of activities and adventure. I personally have had a very good time with my seniors. I always try to make a balance between professional and emotional terms. But in every group, as many are the people, as many the thoughts survive. My balancing approach many times collided with extreme professional and extreme emotional attitudes.

Every coin has two aspects. By this way, first year was concluded with the mixture of good and bad experiences. And we bid wet eyed farewell to our seniors and left for two months for the upcoming internship episode.
Internship period remained quite interesting for me. When I return with rejuvenated spirit in me, I decided not to involve in any of the clashes which arise due to the extremity of those two factors- profession and emotion. But it was unavoidable. And again clashes made the flashes.

In the second year, the most refreshing part was the new faces with the mixture of all new and old thoughts, whom we welcome with open arms. Unlike last year, this time, we didn’t get that much opportunity to share the range of activities. But what to do……you can’t get everything at every time at every place. Circumstances are the highest decision makers. The last celebration for us in the department was the farewell party we got from our juniors. This time both the batches tried together to cash in all the enjoyable moments which had been kept in the safe for a year. The ending point of the journey lied hare.

Life is the combination of good and bad experiences. And two years of period with the department is a big time but small part of life. It can be seen as the print preview of the print out called the professional life which is coming up next……… some of the pages of the book called life are turned over in BHU which welcomed us warmly with wishing hi and now saw off us sentimentally with bidding bye…………

Take care…………… See you…………..

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