रविवार, 28 फ़रवरी 2010


This was the first time when we had an outing with our juniors. Last year, we went on several small trips with our seniors. But due to our new time schedule or due to indifference towards it from many of us, we never got an opportunity to have this experience with our juniors. And this time without any obstacle, except one, we were able to make our plans mature. Though first it was planned for Saturday, 13th of Feb, then due to some reasons it was scheduled on Sunday, 21st of Feb.

Actually, we were going for a cricket match going to be played between ours and south campus’ teams as it was played in our campus too when their team came to our ground. Same teams…….but a different venue this time……. Unlike last time, now they were the host and we were the guest but like last time……we won and they lost. Winning or losing didn't matter much for us as we were in the mood of a kind of picnic, hence less excitement for the match.

In the morning at almost 8 AM, we were together at the Viswanath Temple, BHU, opposite our dept. The bus was waiting for us and we were waiting for the fun. As bus started towards Barkachha, we started towards enjoyment. In the whole journey to Barkachha, we had been singing and shouting. No hunger……..no thirst…………every necessity was forgotten to the fun we were creating.

We landed there and after having some refreshments, were going to enjoy the match. Like me, most of us were spectators, and not players. But we were waiting for the moment when the match ends and we would have lunch. But after the match due to some inevitable reasons, there was some delay in it. This time we were hungry and thirsty too. Our proposal to go Windom fall was also rejected, again due to some reasons, this time reasons must not be inevitable. At last, we had lunch. Then we had a short walk around the nearby areas. Again we had some tea and pies.

The nice side of being there was that our counterparts at south campus gave us a warm welcome and hosted very well. After bidding them good bye, we got into the bus which was on the way of 'back to pavilion', i.e. BHU campus. In between, we stopped hardly for five minutes to see a sight of a lake in the same region. While coming back,we were having a huge round of dance on the music played in the bus. Our legs, hands and whole body was moving non-stop with the rhythmic beats. Again, we forgot everything, and made the bus a dance floor, until and unless we entered the confines of BHU.

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