सोमवार, 25 जनवरी 2010

THE FESTIVE WEEK.................................

The second last week had been a little active than the previous ones of this year. It made an impression of a festive season because almost every day came with a celebrative moment for us. The second week of Jan, 2010 started in a very routine manner but the last 5 days of the week been quite crazy. Cricket Match, Lohri, Makarsankranti, unexpected holiday for Sun Eclipse and Baati-Chokha program were the main attraction of the festive week.

A long awaited cricket match between Mass Communication Dept. of Main Campus, BHU and Rajeev Gandhi South Campus, Barkachcha, was all set to go on 12th of Jan. On 11th Jan everybody seemed to be captivated by cricket match phenomenon which was to be held on the next day. We talked, laughed, ate, drunk and slept cricket. I can say that we even woke cricket because the next day when we woke up, it was the very day of our cricket match. Our main campus team was selected from both the batches of our department. All the buddies who were not going to play had been shouldering the job of cheerleaders. We all were on the ground during the worm up session playing as we all were to play in the host team. Then landed the guest team on the ground and the match began. We won the toss and went for bat. Our team of master blaster batsmen scattered as the playing-cards with making a little more than a century. The target might be easy for the guest team but not we were. Our tight bowling and less mistaken fielding ended their inning before far from the target. We won. The level of excitement was on the peak. As always happens, we as the cheerleaders were in more zeal than our team members. As I had missed the last year’s match, this time was in the mood to take DOUBLE MAZAA. The festivals of Lohri and

Makarsankranti were happened to be as usually celebrative. Unexpectedly, one more holiday declared for Sun Eclipse, gave us one more chance to keep ourselves apart from the skin prickling cold.

The last day of the week broke all the records of enjoyment when we organized the Baati-Chokha event in our department. Since morning till evening, we prepared the edibles of the very name of the event. Every member of department who was present their, lend his/her helping hand in the group operation. Now we worked, now we sang now, we danced and now we played together. There was no room of being tedious. This evidenced that team effort is the most important factor of any group activity. The evening proved to be a delighting GAIN of serving food to one another and eating together, we forgot all PAIN of the hectic day. This time I was making memorials with my juniors. It polished the last year’s album created with the seniors.

The festive week comes to an end……………I wish if I could make every day festive. It’s not possible…………if it were so, it would lose its importance. But what is possible is that we can save tiny happiness’ of the day to day life and create a huge bank balance of it just in the near future. HAPPINESS FOREVER………………………….....

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